Students’ Council Membership

Students’ Council is the paramount governing body of the University of Melbourne Student Union.

There are 15 General Representatives (plus 5 elected representatives for special constituencies – Queer, Indigenous, International, Postgraduate and Disabilities), all of whom are elected at the annual student elections in September.

A by-election will be held for the 15th General Representative in the forthcoming months as well as the Disability Representative, as they are both new positions.

The current members of Students’ Council are:

Students’ Council General Representatives (in order of election)

Eleanor Ryan (Stand Up!)
Thomas Hayes (More Activities!)
Matthew Thomas (Change.)
Daniel Sullivan (Activate)
VACANT (Stand Up!)
Patrick Clearwater (More Activities!)
James Bashford (Stand Up!)
Bek Drake (Stand Up!)
Shanley Price (Stand Up!)
Weiqing (Joanne) Zuo (Stand Up!)
Ruby Healer (F*ck the Cuts)
Allie Ballantyne (Stand Up!)
VACANT (Change.)
Simon Farley (Independent Media)

Queer Representative on Students’ Council

VACANT (Activate)

Indigenous Representative on Students’ Council

Tyson Holloway-Clarke (Voice)

International Representative on Students’ Council

VACANT (Stand Up!)

Graduate Representative on Students’ Council

Jim Smith (Stand Up!)