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Stress less with a beanbag, the Lion King and a Zoo

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Students were invited to grab a beanbag, chill with The Lion King movie and de-stress at the Petting Zoo during Stress Less Week on the 11th-15th of May. UMSU’s Welfare Department organised a week full of activities and mental health programs aimed at reducing students’ stress levels before exams. More […]

Nothing Night

“I just want to see you in every element,” Lola says breathlessly, grinning as she links her arm with mine.
That, of course, meant getting senselessly stoned. We’d already done everything else of lesser reprimand together. Including getting drunk, despite being barely fourteen when we’d last seen one another.

When Marnie Was There


When Marnie Was There has everything a good Studio Ghibli film has: mystery, magic, depth, values – and an air of whimsy

Dead White Men: The Problem With Student Theatre

This semester, all ten student initiated productions in the season were written by men. All ten. This is not okay.

Hadgraft takes Uni Council, Clearwater tops GSA Council ballot


Former UMSU President and senior National Labor Students figure Kara Hadgraft has taken out the graduate position on University Council, beating senior More Activities! faction figure Patrick Clearwater, who topped the GSA ballot. Turnout was around 900 students for the online election. For University Council, Hadgraft took out 446 votes […]