OPENING EVENT: Wednesday 9 November, 5-7pm

The Union Collection: Recent Acquisitions 2012-2016
Grace Anderson, Olga Bennett, Rubie Bridie, Madeleine Chapman and Scarlett Rowe, I-yen Chen, Alethea Everard, David Glaubitz, Ebony Gulliver, Melanie Irwin, Annabelle Kingston, Sam Petersen, Gervaise Netherway, Charlotte Hill, Hannah Maskell, Kendal McQuire, Ashley Mustow, Chelsea O’Brien, Sam Petersen, Kenny Pittock, Jake Preval, Aaron Christopher Rees, Nick Ryrie, Karen Wells, and Lorilee Yang

Each year Arts Programs acquires a few choice works from University of Melbourne students via commissions, and graduate exhibitions for display in spaces around the Student Union. This exhibition is an opportunity to display and celebrate our most recent acquisitions in the space of the George Paton Gallery.


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Installation George Paton Gallery, November 2016


20-29 JULY
What to put in pockets
Ruth Cummins

Pockets are our short-term security and it’s very rude to put your hands in them at work. A Woolworths roast chicken sits in a plastic pocket but after a night or so the bodyguards will clock off. All pockets are different and sometimes if a pocket is too big it might just be a bag.

ruth cummins website

Ruth Cummins, Stripe Tease
Calico, cotton, bedsheet, Tips and Toes loyalty card, cardboard, dressmaking pins, 2016

Moving Target
Chaohui Xie

Time will erase your memory; unless you leave your mark.
Come here to make a wish, and we will make a plaque……
After lying on the roof and rusting under sun and rain.
When you’ve forgot, and long since gone, your hidden trace will remain.
It can’t be erased, your hidden trace,
It will remain in this permanent place.

chaohui xie website

Chaohui Xie, Moving Target
Copper plate, 2016

Chaohui Xie is the 2016 recipient of the George Paton Gallery/VCA Proud award




Talk with Simplicity
VCA Secondary School Year 12 Visual Arts Group + Guests and Collaborators

Working together means finding shared spaces, yet everything we do speaks to the idea of miscommunication, mistranslation and not knowing. Perhaps we can start from there?

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Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School Year 12 Visual Arts Students + Artist Mentors,  talk_with_simplicity
Instagram screenshot, 2016



17-26 AUGUST

Nick James Archer

Where is man left but to delineate thought and spirituality? What are the boundaries of human consciousness? These abstract works explore the spiritual and existential dilemma, which faces man. Through sound and light these works speak to the ephemeral and the transcendental realms, which exist within.

Nick Archer web

Nick James Archer, Untitled
Carved Acrylic, 2016

Lucy Foster and Kenneth Suico

‘doublevision’ brings together Lucy Foster and Kenneth Suico, whose pursuit as a duo exposes both literal and indefinite concepts of the double.

Revisit the image:
What it was
What is can be
What it is now

doublevisions web

Kenneth Suico, doublevision
Black & white silver gelatine print, 2013


CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday 7 September, 5-7pm

felt and held
Hannah Gartside

Hannah Gartside invites the viewer to bear witness to her own vulnerability, and in turn reconnect with theirs. The work uses felting and quilting techniques to create optical patterns, objects for dream adventures, and moments of intimacy and care.

gartside web

Hannah Gartside (photography Rhett Wyman), Hexagon quilt at Coolum beach  
Darkroom print on resin coated lustre paper, 2016

Dawn & I
Tal Fitzpatrick and Dawn Fitzpatrick

Dawn is my grandmother. She’s 94 years old and has been an artist her entire life.

I’m an artist too. Three years ago I decided to start working in the same medium as Dawn – cloth art. In this exhibition, for the first time ever, our work hangs side-by-side.


Dawn Fitzpatrick, Three Men, Appliqué quilt, 1992




CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday 21 September, 5-7pm

Hayley Tan

Wall, floor, ceiling, door. The demands for shelter and security are satisfied; the walls are a shade of mild.  Readymade spaces wait to be occupied, owned, called home. Escape through the window.

haley tan web

Hayley Tan, Untitled (detail)
Video projection, 2016

Aya Hamamoto

Reverberation explores a way to represent inarticulate feelings of loss: a mixture of grief and resignation, through multiple associations between image, memory and sound in the constructed space. This project aims to examine how reciprocal dialogs between seeing and hearing may activate meanings beyond the reach of language.

Aya Hamamoto web

Aya Hamamoto, Untitled
HD video still, 2016




CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday 12 October, 5-7pm

The World Constitutes
Drawing and Printmedia Studios VCA

A ship is moored in the gallery, ready to take passengers on a journey to a new Utopia. The current world needs to be left behind, and to do so, the students must build a boat to escape. Each student has to make the difficult decision about what to bring on this journey – there is no turning back. Faced with this conundrum, the project questions what each student would take on to their Utopia.

The World Constitutes is a collaborative and process based exhibition that explores the importance of art in the new world.  Participating students will build a large scale boat in the George Paton Gallery during the exhibition, decking out the on-board cabins with works from their individual practices that they consider to be essential  in the establishment of a new Utopia. Using a number of sensory experiences, where everything may be touched and interacted with, the project attempts to capture the imagination of those who visit, and ask: what would you bring?

The team is made up of first and second year undergraduate students studying Drawing and Printmedia at The Victorian College of the Arts.   


Ben Stephens, Untitled (Boat Mock-Up). Photograph, 2016



CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday 26 October, 5-7pm

In speaking: women in Victoria
Project coordinated by Nina Mulhall

In speaking: women in Victoria is an ongoing project which represents and celebrates the lives of women in Victoria. Conversations and stories are recorded in an intimate, domestic setting to create a work that is personal to each woman. In speaking: women in Victoria strives to show the influence of these women on society, their families and their communities.

mulhall web

Anne Thoday and Nina Mulhall, Preserving Memories
Digital image, 2014


From the Archive
Josephine Hellen, Katie Paine, Madeline Russo and Sarah Sivaraman
Curated by Taylor Brodie, Beth Kearney, Stephanie Berlangieri and Hanann Al Daqqa

From the Archive is a collaborative project between emerging local artists and curators. The exhibition aims to reflect on the importance of George Paton Gallery and its history. The artists have re-contextualised the themes assessed in previous exhibitions at the gallery through its archival material, foregrounding how ideas in art historically recur.

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Josephine Hellen, Fragile Structures (detail)
Mixed Media, 2015