New Legislation Restores Staff Representation to University Governing Bodies

Today, the Victorian Government is introducing legislation into Parliament to reinstate student representatives as full voting members on University Councils. Currently, two elected student representatives sit on the University of Melbourne Council, but do not have voting rights.

UMSU is committed to strong and effective student representation at all levels of governance. We are proud to have been part of this push to ensure that students are involved in university decision-making at the highest level.

The legislation will be introduced today into Parliament to amend the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 which will ensure there is at least one elected student and one elected member of staff on every University Council and at least one elected staff member on every TAFE Board, along with the CEO.

“TAFEs and Universities are major learning institutions and we’re restoring the capacity for staff and students to have a position on boards and councils,” said Steve Herbert – Minister for Training and Skills.

The full press release can be accessed here.