Pick-up Artist Blog response

This week, a blog thread has emerged that promotes the harassment of women disguised as pick-up artistry. This thread used well known locations around the University of Melbourne, and rated the ways to sexually harass women or, “pick them up.” UMSU is disgusted by this thread and the implications it has for a safe and inclusive campus culture at the University of Melbourne.

This thread specifically targeted marginalised groups, including international students. This is unacceptable.

It is up to the entire campus community to call out this behaviour when they see it. Sexual harassment and violence are one of the most prevalent issues on this campus. Any behaviour that undermines working for a campus which is free from harassment should not be tolerated.

Given the recent tragedy which occurred to Courtney Herron in Royal Park, this has just been a part of repeated acts of violence against women in the Parkville community. Members of the University of Melbourne must actively condemn any form of violence against women, even if it is just a blog post, because seemingly “minor” acts of sexual like this one lead to more severe behaviours of violence against women.

We ask that anyone who witnesses this behaviour on campus report it immediately to the University Security at 834 46666. Security also provides an escort for students who feel unsafe travelling on campus which can be requested through this number.

We also encourage that any student or staff member that has experienced unwanted sexual harassment on this campus to report their experience to the following:

Safer communities


Further, this year the University opened an anonymous register for inappropriate behaviour where students can report incidents of harassment on campus. This register is not a reporting mechanism, but instead is intended to give a voice to students who wish to log experiences on campus with the university.

Anonymous register: https://unimelb.service-now.com/public?id=anonymous_register

The UMSU Women’s Department is also available for support for students who feel unsafe on campus. We provide a safe space for women and non-binary students on level 1 of union house, as well as resources and contacts of what to do if you do not feel safe on campus.

UMSU reaffirms its commitment to provide a safe campus which is free of sexual violence and harassment. This behaviour should be never tolerated on or off campus.