Subject Grievances and Complaints – 6 May 2020

Hannah Buchan, President
Jack Buksh, General Secretary


Last week we presented our Fee Relief Survey Report to the University. We collected the experiences of over 6,400 students because students were contacting us distressed over the quality of their online studies. The results of the report evidence that the quality of some subjects has been unequivocally diminished in the transition to online delivery.

Yesterday we received a written response from the University stating that they will not be changing their position. This won’t come us a surprise to many of you, nevertheless it is disappointing that they refuse to even acknowledge the reality of students’ experiences. It certainly doesn’t seem to be “putting students at the heart of everything” they do.

If you  can evidence a diminution of your educational experience due to the move to online study,  👉the next step 👈  is to use the University’s complaints process. UMSU Advocacy is here to help and our website has information and templates to guide you this process. Our advocates can also provide you with advice about how to prepare your complaint, and to explain the complaints process.

We’re here for you, and will continue to fight for your best interests. Please get in contact with us if you need help. ✊💜