End of Semester Assessments – 8 May 2020

Hannah Buchan, President
Jack Buksh, General Secretary


We’re getting close now to the end of semester and so many of you, like us, will be getting final exams and final assessments. The problem is a lot of students haven’t been told what those arrangements are. The University, faculty by faculty, the information has been coming and going. 

We have two concerns. The first one is that students obviously don’t know what’s going on, but more importantly we’re concerned about how the university will be conducting these exams. We’re worried the University will be using proctoring software like ProctorU or Cadmus which has been used at other universities at the moment, but has very severe implications on your privacy and your security.

The second thing we’re concerned about is that students who are relying on technology for exams now, whether it’s through zoom or through proctoring software. They may be unfairly impacted through technological failures, for example if you’re doing an exam and the zoom crashes, what’s going to happen to you then? So we want to make sure the University is putting things in place that make sure no student is unfairly disadvantaged.

This whole situation is very unfair for students, and students just need answers about what’s going on with their assessments. Students are rightly stressed and anxious about what’s going on. So that’s why we need your help to gather information about what’s happening in your assessment.

UMSU Education is launching a portal which you can report how you are doing your assessments this semester, be it online, in an open book or if you’re being proctored. We need to know, and we need to present this to the university, because this just isn’t fair.