Every advertiser knows that giveaways are one of the best ways to spread the word about your business, especially to students!  

Get students excited about your brand with goodies or vouchers in our coveted Welcome Back Packs. We’ll be handing out these showbags to thousands of students on our major event days. 

  • $350 +GST for <250 items 

  • $600 +GST for 250-750 items 

  • $850 +GST for 750-1,250 items 

  • $1,100 +GST for 1,250-2,000 items 

Please note: All promotional material must be a physical item or a voucher. Think stress balls, stationery, or best of all, product samples! Any flyers must also act as a voucher. To ensure we can distribute all of your product, we will accept a maximum quantity of 2000. 


We’re always interested in sustainable, exciting and useful products and vouchers to share with students at Orientation events and during semester. Get in touch to get your brand out via inclusion in our: 

  • Prizes for UMSU events (eg trivia nights, drag makeup workshops, awards, publication launches and more!) 

  • Survey incentives and regular student giveaways 

  • Daily breakfasts, weekly BBQs, frequent department lunches and meetings 

  • Kits with sexual health and personal hygiene essentials 

Special consideration will be given to sustainable items and products that directly support student welfare.  


All applications must meet the Advertising Terms and Conditions and are subject to approval by the UMSU team and the UMSU Ethical Committee.