CEO Oversight Committee Support Officers

UMSU is calling for Expressions of Interest in undertaking the role of Oversight Committee Support Officers to assist our organisation in the governance of the CEO Oversight Committee



The University of Melbourne Student Union Inc. (UMSU) is an incorporated association and is recognised by the University of Melbourne as the representative body for all students.  UMSU is governed by an elected Students’ Council and twelve committees elected by and from students.  UMSU is responsible for a broad range of student representative, student engagement and student support activities.

UMSU operates under the principles of Student Unionism which are broadly defined as student control of student affairs.

UMSU staff are organised within five Divisions:

  • Advocacy & Legal;
  • Arts & Culture;
  • Communications, Marketing and Events
  • Clubs and Volunteering; and
  • Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Each Division is supported by a Student Advisory Group that is comprised of elected student representatives and designed to support ongoing collaboration between UMSU staff and elected student representatives.  Student Advisory Groups provide feedback and advice from a student perspective to enhance participation in UMSU operated programmes and services.

In order to support these objectives UMSU staff observe the following values:

Student Led and Focused

  • Be true to our mission of ensuring student control of student affairs.
  • Student needs and ambitions remain at the forefront of everything we do, and guide the decisions we make.
  • We will continue to foster a sense of ownership amongst students and student representatives, to provide them with opportunities to shape the future direction of UMSU.

Inclusive and Connected

  • Ensure that services, events and activities are accessible to, and take into account the needs of all students.
  • Offer students the capacity to lead and shape enriching experiences that foster a lifelong connection to their communities.
  • Providing opportunities for UMSU to engage with all students in some way.

Effective and Engaged

  • Seek to influence, and be adaptive to, any changes in the University as they relate to students
  • Development of a clear organisation-wide understanding of how we are perceived by students and to understand their needs and priorities
  • Be aware of opportunities for internal collaboration to improve responsiveness and service delivery and support the Student Council

Accountable, Transparent and Responsive

  • Provide an environment and culture in which everyone feels included, supported and respected
  • Maintain a positive and supportive organisational culture that is focused on the wellbeing of staff, student representatives and volunteers
  • Communicate openly with student representatives, staff and volunteers to ensure that we are providing for their needs.
  • A clear and consistent internal operating model to drive service provision



Members of the Oversight Committee are Voluntary positions appointed for 3 years. Their role is to advise, support and mentor the Student Council in the oversight and management of the CEO.

It is expected that the time commitment for this role would be approximately 4 meetings per annum and provide assistance with the review of the CEO’s performance annually based on pre existing KPIs.

To apply please provide a resume of relevant experience and a cover letter outlining your reasons for wanting to undertake the role.

Expressions of interest close at 9am Monday 10th April 2023 at 9am.

Please direct any questions to Maya Catic, Manager, People and Culture, at

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