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Change The Date - UMSU stands with the Indigenous community in calling for the change of the date of Australia Day. The history of dispossession and oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, which the date 26th of January represents, means that rather than a day of celebration, our national holiday has become a day of mourning for […]
UMSU Stands Against MYEFO Education Cuts - The Turnbull Government has shown with its Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook budget update that it is not committed to supporting the right of any Australian to have access to tertiary education. The proposed funding freeze for higher education until 2020, which will cut $2.2 billion from the sector, will likely result in universities across Australia […]
Marriage Equality Passes! - UMSU stands in solidarity with the queer community on this momentous day in which Marriage Equality has passed and will soon be law in Australia. This is a massive milestone for not only the queer community, but all of Australia. We should be proud and take a day to celebrate this victory. Thank you to […]
Yes vote wins - We did it! Together, we’ve achieved this amazing landmark moment. This moment belongs to everyone – to everyone who organised campaigns, who phone-banked and door-knocked and ran stalls, everyone who had a difficult conversation with a friend or family member, everyone who voted for a fairer and more equal society. Importantly, this moment is for […]
NUS National Conference Equity Grants - The NUS National Conference will be held on 11-15 December 2017. National Conference is the annual conference of the National Union of Students where students discuss policy and set the NUS’ direction for the next year. Students who attend the conference will have the chance to partake in policy debate and meet like-minded students from […]
Cadmus? Not on my campus! - What is Cadmus? In the University’s words: “Cadmus is an online web authoring environment (similar to Google Docs) that aims to address the problem of contract cheating by providing an authenticated, online authoring environment for individual written assessment. This environment includes: keystroke biometrics; multi-factor geolocation authentication; and the capture of unique data that is analysed […]
UMSU Stands For Marriage Equality - UMSU supports the right of every Australian to choose who they marry, regardless of their or their partner’s gender. We stand in support and solidarity with the queer community in this troubling political climate. Recently, the Federal Government has authorised a postal survey asking Australians on the electoral roll for their opinion as to whether […]
UMSU’s response to the AHRC report - In the wake of the release of today’s Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) survey results, many things are clear – one of them is that the Australian student community deserves an apology. To any student, past or present, who has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault on our campus – we are sorry. To any […]
Support & Solidarity - Tomorrow the Australian Human Rights Commission will release its much-anticipated report into sexual assault on university campuses. This will be a challenging time for many who have been affected by sexual violence and we will need to have some very difficult conversations. Our hope, however, is that these conversations are the next step in changing […]
UMSU Stands in Solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders - *Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers should be aware that the following statement contains the name of someone who has passed away and may be quite distressing.* UMSU stands in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today. It was less than a year ago that Elijah Doughty, a 14 year old Aboriginal boy […]