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WAM for Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences Students — 2 July 2020 - Last week, UMSU presented a document of student testimonials to the Academic Board. The testimonials were regarding the recent decision to not include 2020 results in applications to the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences. The testimonials include a wide range of reasons as to why these changes will negatively impact them, such as […]
Black Lives Matter — 1 July 2020 -   Content Warning: Racism and White Supremacy, Police Brutality, First Nations Deaths in Custody Hope Kuchel, Shanysa McConville and Jess Ferrari   In solidarity with the tragic murder of George Floyd whilst in police custody in Minneapolis, First Nations people enduring the Australian state occupation, coordinated protests to expose the parallels of police violence against […]
Education should never be a Debt Sentence – 19 June 2020 - Hannah Buchan UMSU President   Overnight, the government has announced massive hikes to the cost of future degrees.  Future students hoping to study law and commerce degrees will face a 28% fee increase, while students studying humanities degrees will face a staggering 113% increase. The justification for this fee increase is a carrot-and-stick approach to […]
Health Check on WAM for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences - 3 June, 2020 Sign the petition 👉 https://bit.ly/HealthcheckOnWAM Most students were relieved when the University finally acknowledged the impacts of the COVID-19 disruptions to their studies and announced a WAM safety net. The University announced that Semester 1 results from 2020 could only improve a student’s WAM, and that 2019 WAM calculations would remain for students whose […]
Vote ‘No’ to UniMelb proposal — 29 May 2020 -   This week, Duncan Maskell (University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor) emailed all University of Melbourne staff about a proposal the University is seeking approval for in order to save the University money. The proposal would be a variation to the Enterprise Agreement, which is going to be taken to a vote to all staff members on […]
UMSU Supports the NTEU National Day of Action – 15 May 2020 - Noni Bridger, UMSU Education Public Affairs Officer. Charlie Joyce, UMSU Education Public Affairs Officer.  Hannah Buchan, UMSU President   At the last meeting of UMSU Students Council, a motion was passed to endorse the NTEU’s National Day of Action to Save Higher Ed Jobs and support the public and online actions that will be taken […]
Update on Emergency Student Support Fund – 13 May, 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary     🛑 Update on the Emergency Student Support Fund and end of semester assessment information 🛑 We’ve heard that many students who applied for UniMelb’s Emergency Student Support Fund are experiencing very long wait times in accessing their payments. We are greatly concerned about this and encourage […]
End of Semester Assessments – 8 May 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary   We’re getting close now to the end of semester and so many of you, like us, will be getting final exams and final assessments. The problem is a lot of students haven’t been told what those arrangements are. The University, faculty by faculty, the information has been […]
Subject Grievances and Complaints – 6 May 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary   Last week we presented our Fee Relief Survey Report to the University. We collected the experiences of over 6,400 students because students were contacting us distressed over the quality of their online studies. The results of the report evidence that the quality of some subjects has been unequivocally diminished in the transition to online delivery. […]
Fee Relief – 29 April 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary   Fee relief was one of the first things we took to the University when online learning began. The University has constantly told us that there is no reason why students should be provided with fee relief. That’s why we launched our fee relief survey last week – […]