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President’s News – 11 January 2021 - Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a restful holiday and continue to stay safe. UMSU is currently busy preparing for Summerfest that will take place during the 21st of February until the 4th of March. We’re so excited to see your faces during this week and hopefully it would be a great introduction […]
President’s News – 22 October 2021 - CW // Discussions of sexual assault and harassment, without explicit detail.    UMSU welcomes the University’s recent Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy as an important step forward in creating a safer campus. The stand-alone policy, as well as the promise to publish annual figures, were recommendations from the National Students Safety Survey (NSSS) undertaken in […]
President’s News 29 September 2021 - This week, the University of Melbourne has announced that any students wanting to be on campus after November 5 must be fully vaccinated. We know that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, they are effective and they are our way back to life and indeed campus in 2022. We strongly support vaccinations, and encourage all students to […]
Presidents News 3 September 2021 - National Student Safety Survey Content warning: this email mentions sexual assault and harassment, with no explicit detail. Resources for support are available at the end of the email.   What is the National Student Safety Survey (NSSS)? The NSSS is being conducted across all Australian universities to measure student perceptions and experiences of their safety […]
President’s News 26 August 2021 - WAMnesty is back for Semester 2, 2021 The President of the Academic Board has resolved that results from Semester 2 2021 will not be included in students’ WAM Calculation if they are below their current WAM benchmark. It is the exact same settings that were in place last year, on the back of UMSU’s initial […]
WHEN ZERO TOLERANCE MEANS ZERO ACTION – 18 March 2021 -     Jack Buksh, UMSU President Mickhaella Ermita and Srishti Chatterjee, Womens Officers   CW: Sexual Assault and Harassment   Professor Alan Lopez has retained his roles at the University of Melbourne despite an independent workplace investigation finding that he had sexually harassed a young female colleague, in direct contrast to the University’s commitment to […]
Special Inconsideration, 1 December 2020 - Jack Buksh UMSU President The University should be a leader in addressing student mental health. But instead, they’re choosing to change policy that will have a disproportionate impact on students facing mental health issues.   Best practice in the sector is informed by comprehensive, evidence-based research in the area. In its report on Mental Health from June 2020, the Productivity Commission Inquiry Report indicates […]
University of Melbourne mental health requires action, not self-congratulatory announcements — 13 October 2020 - Today the University of Melbourne proudly announced the release of a report into the impact of mental health conditions on student wellbeing and academic outcomes. Despite the University’s upbeat announcement, this report paints a bleak picture of student mental health and only underscores the need for the University to take urgent action. Hannah Buchan, President […]
UMSU submission on proposed Student Participation in Study Policy — 8 October 2020 - On 25 September we published a video to let you know about a new policy that the University is seeking to introduce which will effectively punish students who are struggling with mental health issues, rather than provide them with additional support. Today UMSU submitted its response for consultation into the University’s proposed ‘Student Participation in […]
A new policy that will punish, rather than support, students struggling with mental health — 25 September 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary Now, more than ever, the University needs to be providing real support to students who are struggling with mental health. Instead, the University is proposing a policy that does the exact opposite. This proposed policy allows University staff to identify students demonstrating behaviours that might be linked to […]