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Policy updates – some goodish news and bad baaad news - Recently on President’s News: two policies – one old and one new – which have significant potential to impact students have been slated to go to the Academic Board for approval at its 5 December Meeting.   So there’s fair to middling news, and yeah … there’s bad news. Baaaad. News. The two policies are […]
Climate Criminals, Proudly Sponsored by The University of Melbourne - Some of the world’s worst climate criminals are gathering in Melbourne from October 28 to 31. Companies that profit from fuelling climate change, stealing Indigenous land and exploiting workers will gather at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Their actions drive animal extinction as well as the mass displacement of people. Over 400 mining […]
UoM SCU – speculative crime unit - In the university’s professionally accredited courses, fitness to practise rule breaches are considered especially heinous. The dedicated deans who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Speculative Crime Unit. These are their stories. * Dun Dun * In another student facing policy proposal, the Academic Board has recently circulated […]
The good, the bad and the ugly - UMSU releases its submission to the Special Consideration Policy change consultation.  Molly Willmott, UMSU President In August this year the University released proposed changes to policy governing Special Consideration. UMSU’s response to the proposed policy changes has been driven by feedback from you and from the data we have collected from students who use our Advocacy Service. When the proposed […]
Mind Your Business, Not Our Bodies: Stop Transphobic Events at UoM! - TW// Transphobia, Mental Illness – – – The University of Melbourne Student Union would like to express its disappointment in the University of Melbourne for its part in hosting another transphobic event on campus this semester. UMSU has made the decision not to repeat the name of this event as to not platform it and […]
Global Climate Strike - WARNING: Incoming Climate Catastrophe This is why I’m asking you to strike on Friday… Molly Willmott, UMSU President This Friday, there will be a mass walk out of students and young people for climate justice. The Global Climate strike comes at a time when world leaders are meeting to discuss the response to climate change. […]
Putting the Heart into Heartless – Melbourne University’s proposed Special Consideration Policy – you just better hope nothing goes wrong. - Welcome to Catch-Special Consideration – the damned if you do, damned if you don’t approach to student equity – brought to you by the same University which just announced its Student Life White Paper which purportedly puts us students “at the heart of everything we do”… except when it doesn’t, and particularly if anything happens […]
New University Policy on Free Speech – Why It’s an Important Conversation To Have - Last week, the University of Melbourne council approved a policy outlining the University’s commitment to protecting free speech on campus. The policy can be found here. The Freedom of Speech Policy provides a framework that serves the University and the public by promoting “critical and free enquiry, informed intellectual discourse and public debate within the […]
Special Consideration – Need For Urgent Improvements - UMSU welcomes the initiatives to create a more student centred, integrated approach recently announced by Student Equity and Disability Services (SEDS). We are aware that University staff with key roles in the Special Consideration process have been discussing ways in which the University can make special consideration more appropriate and compassionate. This year SEDS received […]
Pick-up Artist Blog response - This week, a blog thread has emerged that promotes the harassment of women disguised as pick-up artistry. This thread used well known locations around the University of Melbourne, and rated the ways to sexually harass women or, “pick them up.” UMSU is disgusted by this thread and the implications it has for a safe and […]