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Condemnation of the LGBTQIA+ Conversion Movement – 18 September 2020 -   Hannah Buchan, President   Content Warning: Homophobia, transphobia, religion, conversion practices. – – – – – – – – – At UMSU’s most recent students’ council a motion was passed condemning the LGBTQIA+ Conversion Movement. The motion and the text of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts Survivor statement is below:   […]
Senior Melbourne Uni staff warn cuts will do long-term harm — 18 September 2020 - Read the full article on The Age here. We are appalled by the continuing jobs cuts across Victorian public universities. How can universities maintain the quality of education with these levels of cuts? In an already difficult time for staff and students, these cuts are demoralising and a huge blow to our teachers. Teaching conditions […]
Special Consideration Policy changes Report – 4 September 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President   Today UMSU submitted a report to the University outlining its proposed amendments to the Special Consideration policy, which the University is seeking to make changes to that would ultimately disadvantage students to at a time when they’re needing it the most. You can read more about those changes here.   UMSU’s […]
Statement on sexual harassment conducted by Professor Peter Rathjen — 28 August 2020 - Hannah Buchan, UMSU President Aria Sunga and Naomi Smith, Officer Bearers UMSU Women’s Department  CW: Sexual Assault and Harassment . . . . . . . . . . The UMSU Womenʻs Department is disgusted to hear of the sexual harassment committed by Peter Rathjen, the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide. We condemn the University of Melbourne’s […]
How has the University’s response to Covid-19 affected you? — 27 August 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary        Since the start of Semester 2 we have been told by the University that it won’t be making any more money available to students experiencing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. We saw that they waited until mid-August to let students know […]
Open letter to Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell — 21 August 2020 - Today, Hannah will be sending the Vice-Chancellor an email detailing UMSU’s major concerns around the adequacy of the Emergency Support Fund scheme to mitigate the worst impacts of the pandemic on students. Given the urgency of the issue for those students who are in desperate need of financial support for essentials like buying food and […]
Update on Financial Support for Semester 2 — 20 August 2020 - The good news is that the University has FINALLY announced that the Emergency Support Fund has been extended for Semester 2. Details of these updates are now available at: https://students.unimelb.edu.au/student-support/coronavirus/financial-support/emergency-support The bad news is that this is not going to be of equal assistance to everyone, and plenty of you will still miss out on the […]
Sign the petition for greater financial support for students — 19 August 2020 - Hannah Buchan, President Jack Buksh, General Secretary Unlike the University, students don’t have millions of dollars sitting in their back pocket to pull out. Student’s don’t care about which assets they have to liquidate — students are concerned with immediate needs like paying their bills and buying food. We really need the University to step […]
This is not okay: UMSU demands greater Financial Support for students — 18 August 2020 - In Semester 1, UMSU was successful in getting the University to introduce its Emergency Support Fund. Over 11,000 students accessed this scheme and now, more than ever, students need the University to provide financial support as the impact of the pandemic worsens. While that process was not problem free and we have continued to argue […]
UMSU Statement on Low Course Completion HECS Announcement — 13 August 2020 - Hannah Buchan, UMSU President  Noni Bridger and Charlie Joyce, UMSU Education Public Affairs Officers This morning, Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan announced another suite of changes to the HECS/HELP system, removing access to the HECS scheme for ‘underperforming’ students. Under this system, a student who fails 50% of 8 more of units will no longer […]