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New University Policy on Free Speech – Why It’s an Important Conversation To Have - Last week, the University of Melbourne council approved a policy outlining the University’s commitment to protecting free speech on campus. The policy can be found here. The Freedom of Speech Policy provides a framework that serves the University and the public by promoting “critical and free enquiry, informed intellectual discourse and public debate within the […]
Special Consideration – Need For Urgent Improvements - UMSU welcomes the initiatives to create a more student centred, integrated approach recently announced by Student Equity and Disability Services (SEDS). We are aware that University staff with key roles in the Special Consideration process have been discussing ways in which the University can make special consideration more appropriate and compassionate. This year SEDS received […]
Pick-up Artist Blog response - This week, a blog thread has emerged that promotes the harassment of women disguised as pick-up artistry. This thread used well known locations around the University of Melbourne, and rated the ways to sexually harass women or, “pick them up.” UMSU is disgusted by this thread and the implications it has for a safe and […]
UMSU supports NTEU sit-in opposing staff Casualisation - UMSU supports NTEU sit-in opposing staff Casualisation On Wednesday 8 May,  the National Tertiary Education Union staged a sit in at Raymond Priestly Building regarding staff Casualisation and the quality of employment experienced by our increasing body of casual staff members. The University of Melbourne has one of the highest rates of casualised staff of […]
Contract Cheating & The Exploitation of Students - In response to the announcement by the Government of its intended legislation against contract cheating, UMSU reiterates our opposition to any services which exploit students for profit or promote academic unfairness. While UMSU welcomes strong action to curtail contract cheating mills, we also note that any legislative response does not abrogate the University’s obligation to […]
UMSU condemns Islamophobia in wake of Christchurch terror attack - Following the events of Friday in Christchurch, UMSU would like to reaffirm its commitment to opposing all forms of Islamophobia and white supremacy in the university community and society as a whole. UMSU stands with the Islamic community of the University of Melbourne in this time of grief. You are always welcome in our union, […]
Student Climate Strike - This Friday (March 15), university students and staff will be standing in solidarity with school students walking out of class for the School Strike 4 Climate. This historic action will see students and staff demand an end to new coal and gas projects, an end to the Adani Coal Mine, and 100% renewables by 2030. […]
Joint Statement: Change the culture, change the system – end sexual harassment at work - Together with 100 other organisations, we’ve made a joint submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission inquiry into sexual harassment calling for urgent reforms to end sexual harassment in the workplace. The University of Melbourne Student Union is proud to be part of a coalition of stakeholders in the legal, health, community, family violence and […]
January 26 – A Day of Mourning - This Saturday, many of you will be celebrating Australia Day. However, this Saturday is not a day of celebration. For most Indigenous Australians, January 26 is a day of mourning. It marks the beginning of more than 230 years of colonial violence, enslavement, and the dispossession of Aboriginal land. It marks the loss of culture, […]
Free pill-testing kits for students: UMSU’s harm reduction initiative - Today, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) launched the first session of workshops for our Safer Partying Initiative, a program based around principles of holistic harm reduction in drug use. We’re excited to launch this program now, especially in the lead up to the summer festival season where we know drug related deaths are […]