Submissions Callout: UMSU Student Guide 2024

YOUR student union is on the hunt for written contributions to our 2024 Student Guide! This annual publication gives new students the lowdown on all things uni and who better to give advice on navigating student life than students themselves? 

Want a chance to be featured in the Guide? Choose a prompt from our content list below and let those creative juices flow!  

Whether it’s your fave study spots on campus, tips for dealing with housemates or other nuggets of wisdom you wish someone told you before you started uni – we want to hear from you! 

Submissions are due Friday 24 November at 12pm (midday) AEDT.

Students who are successful in having their submissions selected for the Guide will receive a $150 voucher.

Terms and Conditions apply.


  • We are only accepting submissions by current University of Melbourne students or alumni. Please note that current employees of UMSU are ineligible to enter.

  • One submission per person.

  • We will only consider unpublished work. 

  • Submissions must be in a DOC/DOCX format with your name and email address in the footer of the document.

  • Preference will be given to submissions that directly address prompts on the content list, however we will also accept cold submissions that fit the theme of our Guide. 

  • Please send all submissions to with the subject line "Student Submission: UMSU Guide 2024".

  • Submissions may be subjected to editing to fit within the Guide layout. We will advise you about any proposed changes to your submissions prior to print.

Content List 

1. Best eats/cheap eats on campus  

It’s the middle of a tute and your tummy starts to rumble – where are you daydreaming about getting food from later? Is it an emotional support borek from Castro’s, a sugary milk tea from Gong Cha or somewhere else? We want to know your fave (and cheapest!) spots on campus to grab food.  

Word count: 200-300 words

2. Best hidden/secret spots on campus 

There’s more to campus than just South Lawn! What are some of your favourite, lesser-known places to hang out? Is there a secret garden where you like to catch some rays between class or a peaceful cranny you go to escape the noise? Don’t gatekeep! 

Word count: 200-300 words

3. Your no-bullsh*t guide to the libraries on campus / best study spots 

Let the battle of the libraries begin! Which one do you think reigns supreme as the best study spot on campus? Is it a ‘one-size-fits all winner’ or are some better libraries for different faculties than others? Or are there even better places on campus to study than the libraries? Spill the tea! 

Word count: 300-500 words  

4. Things you wish you knew before you started uni 

If you had a time machine, what things would you go back and tell your past self? Was your first year what you thought it would be or the total opposite? Were there any tips or ‘uni life hacks’ you wished you’d known? Share any advice you have for new students! 

Word count: 200-300 words 

5. Making friends – How the f%^k do you make friends at uni? 

On top of balancing your studies, work and other responsibilities, it can sometimes feel impossible to make new friends at uni. So, how did you meet your crew? Did you find your bestie by joining a club or did fate bring you together on the dancefloor at Start of Uni Party? Maybe you just asked them to coffee after a tute one day and the rest was history? We wanna know! 

Word count: 200-300 words 

6. Taking care of yourself during your studies 

It’s just as important (if not more!) to maintain your health and wellbeing as well as your grades. Do you have any tips or tricks for new students? Did you join the uni gym or an MU sporting team? Perhaps you scheduled regular naps in the Rowdy beanbag room instead? Where did you turn to if you need some extra support? Share the love and let us know how you look after your wellbeing while you study! 

Word count: 200-300 words 

7. Housing 101 / Rental Woes 

"Moving out of home is easy!” said nobody, EVER. So, how did you find your current digs? What things should first-time renters be on the lookout for? Share your tips for finding a place that doesn’t completely suck or how to deal with crappy housemates.  

Word count: 200-300 words

8. Diary of an international student (or day in the life) 

What’s it like studying and living away from home? What have been some of your favourite parts about moving to Melbourne? What have you found the most challenging? Do you have any advice for new international students to help them navigate a new city?  

Word count: 250-500 words 

9. Discover Melbourne 

Help new students get to know our incredible city! Choose your area of expertise: 

  1. Culture – best eats, best entertainment, your fave student-friendly haunts 

  1. Essential student-friendly shopping – your fave op shops, markets etc. 

  1. Getting around – best (legal) ways to get around the city and other advice 

  1. Safety in the city – what to look out for and where to go if you need help 

Word count: 200-300 words per section 

10. Returning to study: advice for mature-aged & grad students

Older students – we see you! What's your experience been like as a graduate or mature-aged student? What have you loved? What found the most challenging? Share your words of wisdom with incoming older students!

Word count: 250-500 words