Clubs & Societies Committee

The aims and objectives of the Clubs & Societies Department include:

(a)    to assist in offering Students a vibrant university experience through the formation of clubs and societies;
(b)    to oversee the registration and affiliation of clubs and societies to enable Students to access facilities, funding, grants and subsidies; and
(c)    to encourage the active involvement of Students in clubs & societies.

Current Membership

The Clubs & Societies Committee consists of the Clubs & Societies Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. Members of the C&S Committee are elected by affiliated club representatives at an annual meeting of the Clubs Council, separate to the general UMSU elections. The current members of the committee are:

Clubs & Societies Officers (and ticket elected on)

Nellie Seale & Matthew Simkiss (More!)

Voting members (and club or society)

Daniel Sango (Arts Students Society)

Dorothy Coco Kirkcaldie Bowell (Science Students Society)

Christopher Melenhorst (Tabletop Gaming Society)

Raphael Canty (Engineering Music Society)

Samuel Gard (Computing and Information Systems Students Society)

Ciara Griffiths (Friends of Unnatural Llamas)

Joshua Bruni (Pirates)

Minutes will generally only be uploaded once they are confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting (which usually occurs at the following meeting). Unconfirmed minutes are available to students by request to the General Secretary.

2018 Minutes

Committee Minutes

Council Minutes

  • Council Meeting 1(18) – 15/05/2018 – Elizabeth Murdoch Theatre, Elizabeth Murdoch Building
    Minutes 1(18)
  • Council Meeting 2(18) – 9/10/2018 – Harold Woodruff Building, Old Microbiology

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