People of Colour Committee

The People of Colour Committee is responsible for the People of Colour Department.

The aims and objectives of the People of Colour department are:

(a) To ensure the interests of people of colour (students of colour) are effectively represented and advocated for in all aspects, operations and activities of UMSU and the University

(b) To oversee the activities, policies and direction of UMSU in areas related to the interests of students of colour

(c) To actively increase visibility and awareness about issues faced by students of colour at university

(d) To combat racist attitudes and expressions within UMSU, the University and the community

(e) To initiate and coordinate campaigns in regards to the wellbeing of students of colour

(f) To provide support, information, advocacy and referral to support services and other relevant resources or organisations as required for students of colour

(g) To provide opportunities for community building for students of colour

Current Membership

The People of Colour Committee consists of the Education Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

People of Colour Officers

Reem Faiq & Hiruni Walimunige (More!)

Voting Members

Taha Noman (Stand Up!)

Julie Ja (More!)

Ei Pyae Pyae Phyo (Stand Up!)

Farah Khairat (More!)

Aphijit Taleppadi (Stand Up!)

Monica Ana Enriquez (Stand Up!)

Yaameen Al-Muttaqi (More!)


201 Minutes

2018 Minutes

2017 Minutes