Regulations and Policy

Current Regulations

Clubs & Societies Regulations (last amended 22.01.2018)

Electoral Regulations (amended 21.07.2017)

Financial Regulations (last amended 15.12.14)

Regulations for Student Representatives (last amended 30.11.2016)

UMSU Standing Orders (last amended 30.11.2016)

Current Policy

Advisory Groups Policy (last amended 17.12.13)

Electronic Tablet Policy

Referring Grievances in C&S (Adopted 12.11.15)

SRN Policy (last amended 17.12.13)

Student Newspaper Policy (last amended 17.12.13)

UMSU Acceptable Conduct Policy

UMSU Communication and Marketing Policy

UMSU Drug and Alcohol Policy

UMSU Privacy Policy

Proposed Policy

The following proposed changes are now on notice for consideration at the next meeting of Students’ Council. These changes were developed by the General Secretary following meetings of a Policy and Regulations Working Group in June (minutes available here).

Proposed changes to the UMSU Electoral Regulations