SummerFest Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities

The University of Melbourne Student Union has transformed its orientation program into a two-week extravaganza to capture both new and returning students of all ages.

With over 45,000 students attending over the two weeks, SummerFest is the perfect way to:

  • Build brand awareness and maximise exposure
  • Engage face to face with Australia’s future young professionals
  • Promote online to over 45,000 students via our social media platforms

Click the links below to apply now for a tailored promoter stall at SummerFest 2018 or find out how to make a splash with our bespoke sponsorship packages.

Event Opportunities

Each day has a specific focus and program attracting over 8000 students daily.

Carnival Day: Tuesday 20 February 2018
The Parkville campus is transformed into a day of interactive games, entertainment and information services for students.

Clubs & Societies Days: Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 February 2018
Clubs days are some of  the most popular activities on campus. With over 200 clubs affiliated to us, we split the fun into two jam-packed days.

Week 1 Activities: Monday 26 February – Thursday 1 March 2018
SummerFest will provide engagement opportunities in key spaces around the University to give an exclusive and intimate experience for students.

PLEASE NOTE: Spaces are limited. You will need to fill in this new application form to have your submission reviewed and to agree to the terms and conditions. No items can be sold on stalls during week 0.

How would you like to promote?

Promoter Stalls

Promoter Stalls

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Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages

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