Shooting yourself in the foot: Academic Misconduct Exam Edition

You’re nearly there at the end. You can’t wait to clear that last exam so you can fall asleep with a straw feeding you milkshake intra-mouthly from that Maccas post-exam feast. It’s only 3 hours and you’re home free.

Sure, you stayed up cramming all night. Sure, you put on 6 alarms 5 minutes apart to get you up.

Sure you may not be altogether there but you are going to make it and it will be the greatest thrill of your life.

But hold on there. You need to know that the University is taking names when it comes to Academic Misconduct.

And that conduct can be intentional or not. Forgot to put your phone/iwatch/fancy calculator that can store notes under the exam table? That’s zero for the whole subject for you my friend. Forgot to turn off your mobile phone? Again, zero for the subject.

Brought in 3 ½ pages of notes when you were only allowed to bring in 3? You guessed it: zero.

You know that front cover sheet that they make you sign at the exam? Here’s some advice: Read it. Pay particular attention to the ‘unauthorised materials’ bit of it.

If you do anything that contravenes what you sign, it will be held against you in the future. Unfortunately, there are no CCTV cameras in the exam venue to prove your innocence. So yeah.

Psst: Check your pockets. Any notes, phones, iwatches or other unauthorised material tucked in there should be fished out and put under the desk.

Yes, the invigilators check.