ACCT10001 Accounting Reports and Analysis

Recommended? No

Available as breadth? Yes

WARNING! Do not pick this subject unless you want to pursue an accounting major! This subject was recently rewritten as of Semester 2 2012. It took the focus away from the recording and reporting side of accounting (which was covered in VCE Accounting) to the analysis aspect of accounting. The textbook is vital, you cannot do without it. Each week you have to complete an online test based on the readings and it counts for 10% of the final mark. Marks can be deducted or added depending on your tutorial participation. It’s worth noting that  it is difficult to participate if you have no idea what is going on. Another note: Reading the textbook is not enough. Lectures and tutorials are big jump from the textbook. The basic concepts are not explained, it is up to you to learn it yourself. The aim to is get students understanding about accounting in the real world. Easier said than done. For someone new to accounting, it’s difficult to apply a basic concept and then immediately to the real world. As we know, the real world can get very complicated. Those who did VCE Accounting you are not immune. The subject is very different to VCE Accounting but you are at a SLIGHT advantage being familiar with the financial statements. Since the subject was recently rewritten, there are very few exam questions available, making it difficult to prepare for the exam. There are three lecturers: Matt Dyki, Michael Davern, Michelle Hoggan. Matt Dyki is the subject coordinator. People find his accent irritating but that cannot be helped. All three lecturers introduce difficult concepts in lectures that were not covered in depth in the textbook. The subject has been so difficult that many people who thought they were going to do an Accounting major are now dropping it. If you are considering to take this as breadth or as a commerce elective, there may be a more interesting, less obstructive choice.