Ancient World Studies and Classics

A major in Ancient World Studies is an example of what a History subject used to be like at Melbourne. It is a major where you can put your focus in a much more specialised area.  The Ancient World major covers Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. You can look at the Ancient world through a variety of different lenses. Some subjects have an archaeological focus, some have a historical focus and others look at classical literature where you get to study Greek and Roman philosophy, including the epics like the Iliad and Greek tragedy.  There are several subjects that are a history students dream.   In stream of subjects that cover the Roman Empire, there is a subject that specifically focuses on a study of Madness and Roman Emperors like Nero and Caligula.

If you’re really into your Classics, you might also consider the Classics major where you can study Ancient Greek and Latin while taking Ancient World subjects as electives.  Both majors also have a practical focus. Some subjects allow you to go to Greece to take part in an archaeological dig.