George Paton Gallery: ‘Artist’s Books’ (reprised)



Coordinated by Sandie Bridie, Craig Burgess and Alice Mathieu

George Paton Gallery: Artist’s Books (reprised) presents four decades of investigation into the possibilities and limitations of the artist book form.

The George Paton Gallery will be transformed into a reading room with a range of contemporary artist’s books displayed on shelves available for viewers to peruse at a reading table. On display in vitrines in the gallery will be archival material remaining from two earlier exhibitions held at the GPG; Artists’ Books/Bookworks from 1978 and Artist’s Books and Not(e) Books from 1982, curated by Tim Guest.

In the catalogue introduction to Artist’s Books and Not(e) Books, Guest provides a definition of the artist book:

‘Artists’ books can most simply be described as those books which have been conceived, designed and produced by visual artists. As distinguished from those books about artists, such as a monograph or catalogue raisonnée, or those about art, artists’ books are instead complete artworks in themselves: they are artworks that are presented in the form of books.’

On loan from University of Melbourne archives will be works such as; Ed Rusha’s Small Fires (and Milk), 1964, Marcel Broodthaers’ A Voyage on the North Sea, 1973, artist’s bookworks by Sol LeWitt and many more.

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This exhibition is supported by the University of Melbourne Archives

3.30pm: DISCUSSION ‘On the archiving of artist’s publications’ and LAUNCH of
Re-Print #1: 1 2 3 (1992) Stephen Bram and David Morrison by 3-ply

At the launch of Re-Print #1, John Nixon, Rebecca Coates, Justin Andrews and other invited speakers will discuss the archiving of artists’ publications, during an informal conversation moderated by Sandra Bridie, Director of George Paton Gallery and an artist with a sustained interest in books as conceptual vehicles.