All Positions in the 2015 UMSU election have now been provisionally declared elected. To see the results go here

Ruling (1) of the Returning Officer
In relation to a complaint lodged by Patrick Dollard against the Left Focus ticket that the Left Focus ticket had been producing material on the VCA department printer, the Returning Officer rules as follows:
1. Following the complaint, the Returning Officer requested the IT department to conduct an audit of the VCA department printer;
2. The audit revealed that a substantial volume of recent printing was clearly identified by document names as Left Focus electoral material, in breach of Regulation 44.5.18;
3. The Returning Officer regards this as a particularly serious breach of the Regulations, given that it appears to involve elected members of the ticket abusing their position of trust for electoral advantage;
4. Accordingly the Left Focus ticket is banned from campaigning for the remainder of today, Tuesday;
5. Due to the serious nature of the matter, in accordance with Regulation 44.8. The Returning Officer has contacted the Electoral Tribunal with a view to meeting as soon as possible to consider the possibility of further penalties.
Haydn Steel
Returning Officer
9.8.15, 2:15pm

Ruling (1A) of the Returning Officer
In relation to Ruling 1 issued by the Returning Officer at 2:15pm today it was the hope of the Returning Officer that the Election Tribunal could meet as soon as possible to consider further action. It has become clear from correspondence received from two members of the election tribunal that neither was at work today and it is very unlikely that the tribunal will meet before the opening of the polls on Wednesday 9 September 2015.
In this circumstance the Returning Officer considers that penalty issued earlier today is not adequate in the light of the breaches of the Regulations and intends to issue further penalties while a meeting of the Election Tribunal is organised.
The Returning Officer rules as follows:
1. All Left Focus material that was authorised for printing is now un-authorised. Left Focus is able submit material for authorisation that is substantially similar to their original material, but it must be easily distinguishable from their original material.
2. The Ticket registrant of Left Focus has informed the Retuning officer that the printing on the VCA department printer was carried by Mr. Jamiel Sabbagh. The Returning Office does not make a finding that Mr. Sabbagh was solely responsible for the printing.
3. While Mr. Sabbagh is the ticket registrant and sole candidate for Students for Palestine he has been campaigning on behalf of Left Focus. Consequently he is prohibited from any form of campaigning for the reminder of the election and his conduct is referred to the Election Tribunal under regulation 44.8.
4. Left Focus has submitted to the Returning Officer that Mr. Sabbagh was solely responsible for the breach. However Left Focus as a collective were the benefactors of the breach and therefore must suffer some consequences as a collective.
5. Further while Left Focus contends that Mr. Sabbagh acted alone, they concede that the printing was charged to the account of Mr Van Rudd who is the incumbent VCA Campus Co-ordinator and has been provisionally elected unopposed to that position for 2016. The Ticket organiser further concedes that Mr. Rudd’s printing account is regularly accessed by multiple members of Left Focus.
6. All of the Left Focus VCA candidates have been provisionally elected unopposed. The Returning Officer regards this as an aggravating factor that resources reserved for the use of VCA students are being used by Left Focus to bolster their campaign on the university’ other campuses. As the breach occurred at the VCA, Left Focus is prohibited from campaigning at the VCA or its immediate surroundings for the remainder of the election, and all of the Left Focus candidates from the VCA – namely Teresa Hsieh, Tim Van Roon, ThienNguyen, Gaelen Dickson, Jordan White, Nicholas Kyriacou, Nicholas Pearce, James Crafti, Jessica Heath and Van Rudd – are prohibited from campaigning for the remainder of the election.
7. It has been submitted to the Returning Officer by other tickets in the election that the breach of the regulations is a serious breach of the Regulations and as such the whole of Left Focus should be prohibited from campaigning for the remainder of the election.
8. It is the opinion of the Returning Officer that to prohibit the whole Left Focus ticket from campaigning for the rest of the election at this stage of the election would so damage their electoral prospects as to amount to a disqualification of the ticket.
9. It is clear from the regulation 4 that the Returning Officer does not have the power to disqualify a person or Ticket and that only the Election Tribunal has that power under regulation 46.2.5 or 47.4. While the Returning Officer accepts that disqualification of all Left Focus candidates is in range in terms of penalty, the Returning Officer will not in effect act in manner as to exercise a power that has been received for the Election Tribunal.
10. This matter as a whole is referred to the Election Tribunal under regulation 44.8.
Haydn Steel
Returning Officer
9.8.15, 9:15 pm

Notice of Election

University of Melbourne Annual Student Election

7th – 11th September 2015

Notice is hereby given that nominations open at 12 midday on Monday 27 July, for the 2015 University of Melbourne Annual Student Election

Positions to be filled at the election include:

  • Office-bearers, committees and Students’ Council of the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU), including the Burnley Student Department and the Victorian College of the Arts Department
  • A student representative (for a two-year term) on the board of MU Student Union Ltd
  • Delegates to the National Union of Students (NUS)

A complete list of positions appears at the end of this notice.

Nominations close at 12 midday on Friday 14th August.

Polling will take place from Monday 7th September until Friday 11th September (inclusive). All students are eligible to vote. A detailed schedule of polling times and locations will be posted after close of nominations. Students may also vote by post – applications for postal votes close at 5pm on Wednesday 2nd September.

Tickets: Any fifteen (15) students may register a ticket to run in the election by filling in the appropriate form. Applications for Ticket Registration open and close at the same time as nominations. It is not necessary to be on a ticket to run in the election.

Tickets that are running candidates for multi-member positions should also submit a form showing the order in which they wish their candidates to appear. Candidates running for positions that cannot be held concurrently should submit a form showing which positions they wish to hold in case of a conflict.

Ticket registration forms, candidate order forms and conflict of position forms must all be submitted by close of nominations. All forms are available from the Returning Officer or can be downloaded from the election website (see below).

Policy speeches: Candidates may also, with their nominations, submit policy statements for publication in Farrago and on the election website. Policy statements must not exceed 300 words for UMSU office-bearer positions or 100 words for all other positions. A photo session for office-bearer candidates will be organized after close of nominations.

Please note that all deadlines are strict and cannot be extended. Candidates are strongly urged to lodge their forms well before the deadlines. All forms should be delivered personally to the Returning Officer or an authorised electoral official. (The Election Office will be open extensively throughout the election period, and appointments can be made by phone or email.) Where this is not practicable, please contact the Returning Officer to make other arrangements. Do not post forms without prior arrangement, as no responsibility will be taken for late or lost forms under those circumstances. It is not possible to accept faxed or emailed forms.

Contact Details

For all enquiries, forms and other election material, contact the Election Office: Old computer centre, fourth floor Union House; Phone: 03 8344 2438.

Or visit the Election website:

Returning Officer: Haydn Steel (Ph:0401 421 480)

Deputy Returning Officer: Stephen Luntz (Ph: 0438 667 787)


Mailing address: UMSU Returning Officer, c/o Above Quota Elections, PO Box 2157, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Notices will also be posted on the Students’ Council notice board, first floor, Union House.

Positions for Election

UMSU Annual Election

Office Bearers:

  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Education (Academic Affairs) Officer
  • Education (Public Affairs) Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Wom*n’s Officer
  • Creative Arts Officer
  • Activities Officer
  • Queer Officer
  • Environment Officer
  • Media Officers
  • Clubs & Societies Officer
  • Indigenous Officer
  • Disabilities Officer

Students’ Council:

  • One representative of each of the following restricted constituencies:
    • Queer students
    • Indigenous students
    • International students
    • Graduate students
    • Students with disabilities
  • Fifteen (15) general members elected by all students

Seven (7) members on each of the following Committees:

  • Activities Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
  • Disabilities Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Indigenous Committee
  • Queer Committee
  • Welfare Committee
  • Wom*n’s Committee

Burnley Student Department:

  • Campus Coordinator
  • Seven (7) general Committee members

Victorian College of the Arts Department:

  • Campus Co-ordinator
  • Campaigns Co-ordinator
  • Activities and Events Co-ordinator
  • Seven (7) general Committee members

National Union of Students

Seven (7) Delegates to the National Conference of the National Union of Students Inc., in accordance with the rules of NUS

A student elected by and from all students to MUSUL Board for a two year term.


Nominations are open for the following positions for the remainder of 2015

  • Indigenous representative on Students’ Council
  • Burnley Campus Coordinator
  • Burnley General Committee

Restrictions on election

Any student may nominate for any position unless otherwise specified below.

The position of Media Officers must be held jointly by teams of three or four candidates. All other officer positions, except for President and General Secretary, may be held either individually or by two candidates jointly. Candidates who are running as a team should each fill out a nomination form and submit them stapled together, with a single policy statement.

Candidates for Wom*n’s Officer and Wom*n’s Committee must be women. For all other committees, including the Burnley and VCA Committees and the general members of Students’ Council (but not the NUS delegation), at least half of the members (ignoring remainders) must be women, provided there are sufficient female candidates.

Candidates for Queer Officer, Queer Representative on Students’ Council and Queer Committee must be Queer students. (See Regulation 32.4 for further detail.) A single candidate for Queer Officer must be a woman or trans*; in the case of joint candidates for Queer Officer, at least one of them must be a woman or trans*.

Candidates for Indigenous Officer, Indigenous Representative on Students’ Council and Indigenous Committee must be Indigenous students.

Candidates for Disabilities Officer, Disabilities Committee and the Disability Representative on Students’ Council must be students with disabilities. Candidates for International Representative on Students’ Council must be International students. Candidates for Graduate Representative on Students’ Council must be Graduate students.

Candidates for the Burnley positions must be enrolled at the Burnley campus. Candidates for the VCA positions must be students of the Faculty of the VCA and Music.

No person can stand for election if they are employed half-time or more by UMSU, the University, MU Student Union Ltd or related bodies, or any combination thereof. In the case of the University Council position that includes any casual employment with the University. No person can stand for an office-bearer position if they have already served two terms of office as an office-bearer.

For further information on eligibility to stand and to vote in the election, please consult the Election Regulations, available at the UMSU Office and on the election website. Copies of the Regulations can also be obtained at the Election Office, where further enquiries are welcome.


Haydn Steel

Above Quota Elections Pty Ltd

Returning Officer

17th July 2015

Full details of the counting for all single-member positions (Office-bearers, special representatives on Students’ Council, University Council and MUSUL Board) can be found at the following link: OBResults14

The period for requests for recounts or appeals against the election results has now expired. None were received. However, a review of the results by the Returning Officer disclosed two minor errors in the notice as originally published:

  • The order of election for Activities Committee should be Marlo Zambelli (More Activities!) fourth and Michaelean O’Donnell (Stand Up!) fifth, rather than the other way around.
  • The final vacancy on Disabilities Committee went to Vishaki Vijayakumar (Stand Up!), not Alston Chu (Activate).

A corrected version of the notice can be found here.

All counting has been completed and the full provisional declaration of results has been issued. Check it out here.

Polling stations for the 2015 annual student election will be open at the following times and locations:



9th Sept.

10th Sept.

11th Sept.

Union House (The Lounge,
formerly North Dining Room)

10.00am – 5.00pm

10.00am – 6.30pm

10.00am – 5.00pm

10.00am – 5.00pm

10.00am – 5.00pm

Baillieu Library Foyer

10.30am – 4.30pm

10.30am – 6.15pm

10.30am – 4.30pm

10.30am – 4.30pm

10.30am – 4.30pm

Southern Precinct – FBE Building

11.00am – 3.30pm

12.00pm – 5.30pm

11.00am – 3.30pm

11.00am – 3.30pm

11.00am – 3.30pm

  Murrup Barak To be confirmed

VCA Southbank Campus (Cafeteria)

11.00am – 3.00pm

11.00am – 3.00pm

11.00am – 3.00pm

Burnley Campus (Student Lounge)

 11.00am-  2.00pm 12.00-3.00pm


Those who are unable to attend a polling place may apply for a postal vote. Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday, 2nd September. Please call 8344 2438 or email for details.


Haydn Steel
Above Quota Elections Pty Ltd
Returning Officer

18 August 2014