BCMB20005 Techniques in Molecular Science

Recommended? Yes
Available as Breadth? No

The best-structured subject I have ever taken at this University, the heavy weighting on the practical component is fantastic for anyone who learns best from doing things hands on. The laboratories are 100 times better than first year Chemistry/Biology labs, and each student gets 3 micropipettes to use, as well as an endless supply of disposable tips and chemicals. The pracs are well laid out and the demonstrators are normally PhD/Masters students- very good to talk to! Lectures are interesting, and go through basic biochemistry lab techniques as the subject name suggests, and tutorials are useful for answering questions and getting a better feel for the subject.

It helps to have done BCMB20002 as a basis, although it is not required. Watch out though- Leo will try and snatch you up to the Biochem major with a very convincing presentation while you wait for your PCR results during one practical!