BIOM30001 Frontiers in Biomedicine

Recommended? Yes

Available as Breadth? No

This is when this course’s research focus really comes to shine. You’ll have a wide range of lecturers giving an even wider range of lectures on a – you guessed it – wider still range of subjects. The name really says it all – you’ll be looking at clinical trials for drugs, upcoming research into treatments, equipment and techniques used in research, and get plenty of insights into research that hasn’t even been published yet. Everything from the really, incredibly, super specific target of drug research to public health effects is looked at. This stuff is super interesting, but in true Biomed fashion can get a bit in depth – guest lecturers love talking about their research. Like seriously, love it. There are group assignments so that’s not great, and they did this whole peer review grading thing which was weird. All your past Biomed subjects are going to be integrated into this, so try to remember as much as you can (yes, even MCB).