BIOM30002 Molecule to Malady

Recommended? Yes

Available as Breadth? No

As far as Biomedicine subjects go, this is probably one of the most organised. Over the semester you look at six different ‘maladies’, from what they actually are to how they’re treated. Much like Frontiers, but you’ll be looking at everything in the context of a specific disease of syndrome, which I found made things a lot easier to learn. Back in my day you could even pick which of the six you were going to write on for the exam, which made learning the details for your chosen maladies a lot easier. Here you start to see how all the research that’s been done in your lifetime is changing the way we treat these (often surprisingly common) conditions. A word of warning though, if you’re allowed to choose which three or four of the six maladies you can write on before the final exam be cautious. If you walk into the exam and there’s a horrible prompt/topic for one of your choices, a backup is always nice to have!