Club Application to Serve Alcohol

UMSU is committed to promoting safe and responsible use and service of alcohol. Clubs and STGs that want to buy alcohol for service at their events* must adhere to the following compliance guidelines and approval process. This document is made in compliance with the UMSU Constitution and relevant UMSU policy, and the Clubs & Societies Regulations.

*For the purposes of this document, “events” includes on-campus events and off-campus student camps.

IMPORTANT: The sale of alcohol without a liquor licence, including indirect sale, is an offence under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and will attract a heavy penalty and possible imprisonment.

Clubs and STGs that want to sell alcohol at an event, or supply, serve or sell alcohol during student camps must apply directly to the VGCCC and be granted a Temporary Liquor Licence, or other licence as deemed appropriate by the VGCCC.

Conditions of alcohol service:

  • Clubs and STGs may not purchase or consume alcohol at their events that is in addition to alcohol orders approved by the relevant UMSU staff contact.
  • Events are subject to spot audits for compliance with event planning as approved.
  • This form will be forwarded to University of Melbourne Security and/or Venue Management, as required.
  • All students attending the event are expected to abide at all times by relevant University of Melbourne policies, rules and procedures, and in particular meet the standards of behavior outlined in the University’s Student Conduct and Alcohol policies.
  • A breach of compliance with UMSU alcohol approval and risk management processes will be referred to the C&S Committee for recommended disciplinary action, which may include disaffiliation or suspension of grants (C&S Regulations: 6.1.a (7.3.3.i)).
  • Submission and approval is not required for events held at managed licensed premises.

UMSU Affiliated Clubs & Societies application to purchase and serve alcohol for an event:

Step 1.

Download this calculator, complete and save it to your desktop. If your club intends to include alcohol at this event that has already been purchased (for example, excess from a previous event) it must be included in the totals applied for, and the purchase amount reduced accordingly.


Step 2.

Complete this form and submit.

Step 3. 

If approved, you will receive an email confirming approval of your application. 

If not approved, you will be invited by email to make changes to your application.

Step 4.
Purchase only approved quantities of alcohol and serve responsibly at your event.