Diwali Dhamaka Festival

✨ Celebrate Diwali with us ✨

You’re invited to a special night to commemorate and celebrate Diwali! Brought to you by UMSU International, UMSU People of Colour, and the clubs IGSS, IFS and Bollywood Club. We are coming together to make a special moment for all Indian UniMelb Students. Expect giveaways and good times!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Thursday 4 November
7.30 PM

UMSU POC presents… “Women of Colour at the Workplace” 👩🏾‍💼 🧑🏾‍💼

There is a huge disconnect between companies’ growing commitment to racial equity and the lack of improvement we see in the day-to-day experiences of women of colour in the workplace. Unfortunately, the pandemic has only made this situation worse.

At this panel hosted by UMSU POC, speaker Prerna Aggarwal will explore the issues women of colour at work — from micro-aggression to emotional taxes — and how to address these problems by advancing and advocating for equity.

👉🏾 When: Tues 19 Oct, 3:00pm
👉🏾 Where: Online
👉🏾 Register & more info: https://fb.me/e/24gsR5MtH

🔶Join POC’s next Anti-racism workshop: Diversity without Inclusion🔶

Come along and hear guest speaker, Madel Tutor, talk about what the words diversity and inclusion really mean.

There will be interesting, nuanced discussions around the situations where diversity exists without inclusion and what the steps are to help make people feel included. Open to all, it will be a safe environment to ask questions and share lived experiences.

🔳When: 21 October, 3 PM.
🔳Where: Zoom.
🔳Register: https://fb.me/e/2bktL5lD7


This is open to all

🚀 Myriad launch 🚀

People of Colour’s annual publication is here and we want to celebrate with you!

The theme of Myriad this year is Bildungsroman, so expect stories about challenges, changes and growth.

We’ll have readings from the wonderful contributing writers and will be presenting prizes for best pieces in this edition. Plus

Special performances and Editors Choice awards and Games!

Sign up for a physical copy here https://communications23.typeform.com/to/MO8Pv98J

✨Join us at 5.30 – 6.30 on Thursday 7 October
✨On zoom facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1LABhYOjV

🔷Come along to POC’s Anti-racism workshop: Misogynoir.🔷

Misogynoir is a term created by queer Black feminist, Moira Bailey, that describes the intersection between race and gender and how both play a role in perpetuating racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

Guest speaker, Hiba Adam, will be discussing this topic and how the voices of Black women are often ignored and silenced across mainstream media.

Join us for nuanced, meaningful discussions!✊

✔️When: 6 October, 2:30 PM.
✔️Where: Online.
✔️event link

The UMSU Indigenous and People Of Colour departments are collaborating to create an EPIC week-long event to celebrate Bla(c)k Liberation. The online festivities include  a dance performance, cooking workshop and seminars to recognise Bla(c)k culture and solidarity! Register for any of the following events:
🌟 Tuesday 12 October


🌟 Wednesday 13 October



🌟 Thursday 14 October


💫 Come through and celebrate Bla(c)k Power, identity and culture.

The latest workshop in this series on anti-racism looks at how race impacts the treatment of refugees. Speaker Moosa Raza will discuss the background to some of the major refugee crises, the racial profiling of migrants/refugees in places like Sweden/Australia, discussing the struggles faced by vulnerable people, and the policies implemented by governments that harm asylum seekers.

👉🏾 When: Tuesday 28 September, 2:30pm
👉🏾 Where: Online find the Facebook event with the link here


This Workshop is non-autonomous and open to all

“Person of color” is an umbrella term used to describe anyone who is not white. However, is it perfect? Come along as speaker Annabelle Welch discusses some limitations about this phrase and why people who fall under that umbrella don’t identity with it.

👉🏿 WHEN: Tuesday 14 Sept, 4:15pm
👉🏿 WHERE: Zoom


    Password: 191277

UMSU POC are hosting, “What is systemic racism?”, with guest speaker Phuong Nguyen!
Come along to an afternoon of insightful conversations around the difference between systemic racism and personal racism. Hear evidence-based research on the barriers the BIPOC community face due to racism in Australia.

Join us and connect with other fellow BIPOC students or see how you can be a better ally in this space!✊

💥When: 24 August, 3:15pm.
💥Where: Online. 💻

Password: 413624

Check out the UMSU POC facebook  page for more info

🎬 POC x Media Collective 🎬
Are you a student of colour and love all things media? Join our fortnightly collective, chat all things media and discover exciting opportunities to get involved and stretch your skills on campus!
🔥 Tuesdays from 3 Aug, 1-2 PM
🔥 Weeks 2,4,6,8,10,12
🔥 Online & in person
🔥 Join here: https://unimelb.zoom.us/j/82021917470?pwd=WWxQN1crMHFaQXg5dlV4S2duT1pYdz09
Password: 44087

Note this event is autonomous to BIPOC students only