Sexual Health Info Session (+ freebies!)

Wednesday 30 August
Training Room 2, Level 3, Union House

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Let’s face it, many of us got poor quality sex ed back in school. Thankfully, we’re giving you a second shot where you can ask all those questions you need answers too!

Hosted by the UMSU Queer department, we’re bringing in a Research Nurse from the Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic to give you expert advice on sexual health and what you need to look out for while you’re…you know…having sexytimes.

We’ll have plenty of free condoms, lube and more for you to take home so come along!

Touch That Feels Like WOW: A Tantra-Inspired Workshop

Monday 28 August
Training Room 2, Level 3, Union House

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Touch that feels like WOW: a Tantra-inspired workshop from sex eduator Caitlyn Cook.

How often do you receive touch just how you like it? How confident are you that you’re touching your partner just how they like it?

Contrary to what many of us learn via media and schoolyard tutelage, amazing touch and amazing romance isn’t about performing a 5-step to-do list. It’s about connecting with each other for real. When you’re genuinely tuned-in to each other, touch becomes phenomenal.

It’s all about communication, really. Verbal + non-verbal.

Sometimes communication is avoided cos it can feel awkward, etc. This practical workshop is about learning + practicing ways to communicate that feel easy and breezy. You’ll learn to tune-in to yourself and your partner and give & receive touch in a way that feels genuinely greaaat.

This workshop is Tantra-inspired and PG-rated, btw. You could bring your grandma and it wouldn’t be too awkward.

WoC Collective: Sex & Relationships

Tuesday, 29 August
Women’s Room, Level 1, Union House

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Come and discuss the unique experiences you have as women of colour navigating sex, relationships and identity.

People of Colour Collective: Interracial Relationships

Tuesday, 29 August
Graham Cornish B, Union House

The PoC collective will be discussing interracial relationships, considering issues such as cultural stereotypes as well as their impact on gender expectations, and current social perceptions of interracial relationships. Discussion will consider not only PoC/white relationships, but also interracial relationships between people of colour from different ethnicities.

Sex Quiz

Thursday 31 August,
University Square

Think you’re a sexpert? Join us at UMSU Centre Stage to test your knowledge and win prizes!

Buying My First Sex Toy (Live Stream)

Tuesday 29, August
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UMSU’s Education Officer Sinead Manning will be live streaming the purchase of her very first sex toy. She has a lot of questions:

  • “how do they work?”
  • “what do they cost?”
  • “why are so many named after animals?”
  • “do they have different purposes?”

Tune in to find out how awkward and endearing buying your first sex toy can be!

Women’s Collective: TMI Marathon

Wednesday, 30 August
Women’s Room, Level 1, Union House

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Sex can be powerful, emotional and earnest, but it can also be bloody hilarious! Join the Women’s Collective as we share our funniest, most awkward and memorable sexual encounters over some choc-dipped strawberries. There is no such thing as too much information as we celebrate the strange noises, awkward positions and embarrassing misconceptions.