Congrats – you’ve almost made it through the semester! Now with exams and assignments looming, you have one blessed week of study before it all starts — SWOTVAC. Yikes. A week sounds like a long time but trust us, it will fly by.

Here are some tips on how to survive SWOTVAC and make the most of it.


1 — Make a study plan or study calendar

A study plan will help to you manage your time efficiently. Breaking down your workload into small, manageable chunks will make it less overwhelming, and save you from that dreaded night-before cram session. First, figure out when your exams are and allocate time to study for each. Next, identify the topics or subjects you find difficult and stake out time to give them extra attention. Remember — it’s important to actually stick to your study plan so you don’t lose track of what you’re doing!


2 — Stay focused, and turn off distractions

We hear you — it’s soo easy to procrastinate or get distracted by scrolling through social media and chatting to friends on messenger, especially while we can’t lock ourselves up in the library at the moment! But, it’s vital to stay focused while you’re studying and not give in to distractions. If you really can’t hold yourself back from checking your phone or tablet when you’re supposed to be studying, try putting it in a far away place and turning it on flight mode, so you’re not tempted to pick it up.

3 — Plan your break times

Studying and understanding the content is the goal, but don’t forget to take regular breaks and rest. Overworking yourself will leave you exhausted, stressed and struggling to get the most out of your study days. For example, you could try a 10-minute break for every hour of studying. This is also a good opportunity to take a break from screen time, especially now that everything is online.


4 — Prepare study materials in advance 

SWOTVAC is the time to consolidate what you’ve learned. Now is the time to catch up on lectures, readings and notes, or dig out the academic sources you’ll need before you dive into memorising a semesters worth of content.


5 — Eat healthy

A healthy diet is key to unlocking the stamina to power through a 3-hour exam, but when you’re stressed it’s easy to let it fall by the wayside. Make sure you’re eating healthy (fruits, veggies, good fats and protein) and not skipping meals. And hard as it may be, try not to overdo the sugar and caffeine. Sugar crashing can affect your concentration. If you ‘need’ caffeine, try to limit your intake to 1-2 cups a day.


6 — Develop a consistent sleep schedule

In a pinch, pulling an all-nighter may seem tempting. But research shows a solid 7-hour night of sleep will have your mind and body operating at their best, and improves information retention. A healthy sleep schedule will also help you wake up for those (objectively evil) early morning online exams.


7 — Take care of your wellbeing 

While grades are important, make sure you’re taking care of your mental health and wellbeing. Exercise, do what relaxes you, and reward yourself for your hard work — you deserve it! If you need support, reach out to a friend or loved one for a chat. There’s also the UniMelb CAPS service free for you to access, which is open throughout exam time and semester breaks.


You’re almost there! Just a couple more weeks to go. Do your best, but don’t forget your value isn’t dependent on your grades. Always prioritise your mental health, and remember that you have a strong support system behind you. Good luck and all the best for your exams and assignments!


What happens if I’m too sick to complete an assessment? 

What happens in an unexpected event occurs around the time of my assessment?

I’m already unwell will the University help me?

Will the university believe me?

What proof will I need?
If you’ve asked yourself these questions, or just want to know more about the special consideration process, we will be running you through the step by step of the application process. Each sheet of paper, one box at a time, explaining EVERYTHING. So when, and if, you need to do it, you’ll have a minds eye of the entire process.


Monday, 1pm –  2pm, 25th of February

Tuesday, 3pm – 4pm, 5th of March


For most students, working while studying is a given. But students are often the most vulnerable to workplace exploitation. Knowing your rights is key to making sure you are being treated fairly in your workplace. Fill out our 2 min survey and go in the running to win one of three great prizes.

Source: UMSU Work Rights Survey

Today’s updates from Wom*n’s Action Collective;
We are looking for people to run the following workshops during week 4 on the following topics;
Intro to Economics
Understanding Super
How to Navigate Centrelink
Intro to Management

Please let me know if you would be interested in running these workshops

We are looking for Volunteers for Women in Higher Ed week to;
~Help getting people sign our petition on Wednesday and Thursday
~Research Women that we could rename buildings after
~Banner painting
~ Write trivia questions themed around women on the following topics
1) Women in sport
2) Literature
3) women in Education
4) Women in Public and Civic Life
5) Notable Australian Women
6)Women and Hollywood (/ media)

Email to get involved!

Let me know if you would like to get involved!

A new fridge and freezer!

The Wom*n’s Room (level 1, Union House) now has a fridge and freezer in it! It is welcome to be used by anyone who identifies as a woman. You are welcome to leave your lunch in there but if it is left for more than two days it will be thrown out.

If there are any spills please report it to the Wom*n’s Officers in the student representative area on first floor or leave a note at the front desk!

New Event: Femme Afternoons!
A new Queer and Wom*n’s Department Initiative
Wednesday 3pm onwards
Wom*n’s Room, First Floor of Union House

This will be an explicitly Pro Femme, Pro Trans event. There’ll be nail painting, hair braiding, skill sharing, tea and sympathy. The event will be held each week in collaboration with the Queer Department. Come along and bring your friends!

I am currently planning the third night of the Women’s Mentoring Networking Night! Please come along and put it in your diaries so you don’t forget!

Date: Monday 12th May
Time: 6pm-8pm

It’s a bit later this time but that’s okay because there will be an abundance of food to eat to keep you full and drinks to keep your throat lubricated!
Place: Graham Cornish A+ B on the Second Floor of Union house, next to the elevators.
Speaker : Our Next speaker is the Wonderful Yvonne Meng, a well accomplished architect and teaching Associate.

Yvonne studied her Bachelor of Architecture Design at RMIT then went on to do her Masters in Architecture and received her full professional registration last year. During her time at RMIT Yvonne went on exchange to Germany’s Technicshe Universitaet Berlin. Currently, Yvonne works at the City of Melbourne as an architect and at Monash University as a Teaching Associate in history and theory, communications and first year design.

Since 2012 Yvonne has also been the creative director of an event PROCESS, a once a month public lecture series about architecture, design and urbanism. She is also currently a regular guest critic on design studio panels at RMIT and Monash Previously Yvonne Co-chaired VYAG (Victorian Young Architects and Graduates, Victorian branch of a network for young architects that runs part of the Australian Institute of Architects) from 2012- 2013, was on the Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Council last year (through VYAG) and curated an exhibition for the work of young and emerging architects in Victoria at the Fracture Gallery at Fed Square to give exposure to the younger generation of architects and designers .

Yvonne has amazing professional and academic experience that I encourage everyone to come along and meet her and gain from her wisdom and experience.

It will be a great night to network with women from all fields. Feel free to bring your female/ women friends along.

Hope to see you then!

Donations welcome!

We are looking for donations of clothes, baked goods, nail polish and just all sorts of bric-a-brac to be sold at our Fair on Wednesday 7th of May. Come and drop your donations at the Wom*n’s Office (first flor, Union House). We will accept just about anything!

We will be reselling these goods to fundraise for NOWSA (the annual Women’s conference this year being held in Perth) which is a great opportunity for women to get involved, learn skills and network with women across Australia.

Note: Please only bring in baked goods on the day (Wednesday 7th of May).
Let us know if you are able to donate by emailing

Then make sure you come and bring your friends along to the fair! We will also teach people how to knit and paint nails (for a small donation).

When: Wednesday 7th of May
Time: 12-3pm
Where: North Court or second floor in Union House (TBC)
What: Yummy food, fancy nails, new skills to learn and lots of goods to buy!

Hi All,

Unfortunately Jeanette has been called away.We hope she can join us at a later date. Instead we have Ann Kilpatrick and Anna Morrison coming and speaking to us.

Anna Morrison studied a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne uni and can relate and talk uniquely on our own experiences . In 2012 she was the Education Academic Officer at University of Melbourne Student Union. Anna now works as adviser in the communications team for Daniel Andrews (Victorian Leader on the Opposition) .

Ann studied at La Trobe University entering via an alternative pathway, studied a Bachelor of Arts; majoring in Maths (yes maths in an arts bachelor) and History. She went on to do her Diploma of Education and a Master of Mathematics and Maths Education here at the University of Melbourne. Ann went on to work in teaching for a few years and then moved to the Australian Stock Exchange before going back to teaching. Ann will talk about her mentors as well as her careers. Ann has also been involved with publishing companies and has made some contributions as editor, writer and presenter of books.

Food will be ready at 5.10 to be eaten so make sure you arrive promptly.Ann will speak at about 5.30 and then Anna will speak after.

I hope to see you tomorrow night!

When: 15 April at 17:10–19:10
Where: Joe Nap A and B, Second Floor of Union House

Hey All our Second Mentoring night is coming up next week.

We still need to confirm a few things but so far we have
Jeanette Hoorn the coordinator of the Gender Studies major, contact for Sexing the Canvas: 10 Works in the NGV and a well researched woman to tie nicely into Rad Sex and Consent week events as well.

Professor Hoorn is an art historian and curator who was educated at The University of New South Wales where she graduated with honours in Australian History in 1978
Professor Hoorn has published eight books and many articles in the fields of Eighteenth and Nineteenth British and French Academic painting; Gender and Orientalism; Darwinian theory in film and painting; Australian Pastoralisms; Australian Indigenous art; Gendering of Modernism in Australian art; Portraiture; Europe’s Civilising Mission in film.

We are hopefully having two speakers~! Will be confirmed soon.
This will be a DRY event (ie no alcohol) but there will be non-alcoholic drinks.
There will be food.

Afterwards I encourage everyone to go to Tsubu for Drinks for the Rad Sex and Consent week event. 🙂