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NUS press release: Victory against the Cuts!

6 March 2014 at 21:11




6 March 2013

For immediate release

The National Union of Students welcomes the Senate removing parts of the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill that would see Student Start-Up Scholarships turned into loans.

NUS National President Deanna Taylor said that this was a great win for students who have been campaigning against the Federal Governments’ proposed $2.3 billion higher education cuts, of which this plan was a part.

“That the Senate has now rejected turning Student Start-Up Scholarships into loans represents a victory for students,” said Deanna Taylor.

“Students faced choosing between being burdened with thousands of dollars more debt or struggling to pay for basic study expenses under the original legislation.

We look forward to seeing this move repeated in the House of Representatives.”

Deanna Taylor noted that the $900 million of cuts to university funding were still on the cards.

“Students will continue to oppose the $900 million cuts to university funding, and will make this loud and clear at demonstrations on the National Day of Action on March 26.”


The University of Melbourne has submitted a report to government suggesting that fees be dramatically increased, or deregulated completely.

The Group of Eight collectively submitted the report, saying that deregulating fees would allow universities to charge more, and improve the quality of degrees on offer. The individual Melbourne University report, suggested that an increase to undergraduate course fees of 50% would result in a $2 billion improvement to the higher education sector.

Tertiary education in this country is funded well below the OECD average, and further cuts to university funding are planned by the federal government. University Vice Chancellors should not be demanding that students pay more, they should be standing with students to demand more funding.

Please sign our petition and tell Glyn Davis to reverse his position on fee increases, and in future to consider the welfare of students before suggesting policy to government.

The federal government has released its draft legislative program for the first Senate sitting, with the higher education cuts as the second item on the agenda. The plan to cut $2.3 billion from higher education was announced last year, and is clearly a high priority for the new government in 2014.

The President of the National Union of Students (NUS), Deanna Taylor, said that “Students were aware of the government’s plans for their education, but it is shocking to see this legislation so high on their agenda”. NUS has called a National Day of Action for March 26th, to protest the funding cuts.

As part of this legislation, it is also planned for start-up scholarships to be converted into loans, hurting the worst off of university students. Melbourne University alone stands to lose $52 million from the funding cuts.