UHT’s Stage Carpenter/Mechanist Allen Laverty talks through how to build a mitre box (a tool to help you cut exactly 90° or 45°).


Hannah Buchan
UMSU President


Overnight, the government has announced massive hikes to the cost of future degrees. 

Future students hoping to study law and commerce degrees will face a 28% fee increase, while students studying humanities degrees will face a staggering 113% increase.

The justification for this fee increase is a carrot-and-stick approach to funnel students into industries it believes will have the most job growth. This is a ridiculous and unfair attack on students. While the costs of some ‘job-ready’ degrees will be lower, this move is at the expense of hundreds of thousands of young people who have chosen to study degrees that the government doesn’t deem worthy enough.

Students should never be forced to take massive amounts of debt in order to gain an education. This is going to disproportionately effect students at the University of Melbourne because of the Melbourne Model. Increasing student fees will not fix a funding crisis.

UMSU unequivocally believes in free education for all students. We will oppose this package every step of the way. We will be posting ways to get involved in this campaign in the coming days — follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date.

UMSU stands in solidarity with University of Queensland student Drew Pavlou, an elected student representative who has just suspended for 2 years for speaking out against the University. We are concerned about the nature of his charges and how this appears to be a politically targeted attack.

Despite this suspension occurring in a different state, this matter is relevant to all student unions as it is detrimental to the student movement. Drew’s suspension has set an incredibly dangerous precedent, and limits the freedom of expression on our campuses. This suspension shows that Australian universities are trying to silence student activists and silence criticisms about university administrations. Student representatives are elected to represent student interests, which are often different from what universities are trying to push. Student representatives should never be punished for speaking out about the inaction of universities.

UMSU will always stand up for student rights, and we will continue to speak out against the University if they are not acting in student interests. We condemn the actions of the University of Queensland.

Hannah Buchan
UMSU President

UHT’s Head Technician Clynton Jones talks through the basics of how to correctly set up and pack up mic stands.





The University yesterday announced that students affected by the current Federal Government’s travel ban, implemented in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19), will be eligible to seek compensation for our of pocket expenses of up to $7 500.

UMSU welcomes any initiative that will assist affected students in managing the impact of the travel ban. The University has also provided information to affected students about how issues relating to the payment of course fees will be managed.

UMSU will continue to provide support to affected students, including assistance in how to navigate the compensation scheme, and in the resolution of any disputes that arise as a result of the implantation of this scheme. Get support from UMSU Advocacy here.

While UMSU has expressed its support for this scheme to the University we have also identified a number of issues and concerns that we think need to be addressed.

In particular UMSU is concerned that students who have agreements in place for University operated accommodation may incur costs that exceed the $7 500 limit. While the University is now allowing affected students to terminate accommodation agreements, any costs associated with this will be automatically deducted from the student’s entitlement to compensation. This creates a situation where the University could potentially be in the position of cutting a student off from available compensation as a direct result of costs imposed on that student by the University.

UMSU continues to stand in support of students affected by the travel ban and we will keep you updated on the progress of our discussions with the University.

If you have any further enquiries about coronavirus (Covid-19), check the University’s website for more information here. You can also contact Stop1 for any questions not answered by the UoM statement or FAQs. 

Hannah Buchan
UMSU President

  • New Orleans Rush  –  Kelly Siskind 810 SIS
  • Lost and Found  –  Danielle Steele 810 STE
  • Match Making for Beginners  –  Maddie Dawson 810 DAW
  • Call Her Mine  –  Melissa Foster 810 FOS
  • The Body Painter  –  Pepper Winters 810 WIN
  • The Bookish Life of Nina Hill  –  Abbi Waxman 810 WAX
  • The Bride Test  –  Helen Hoang 810 HOA
  • Love at First Like  –  Hannah Orenstein 810 ORE
  • Red, White and Royal Blue  –  Casey McQuiston 810 MACQ
  • The Right Swipe  –  Alisha Rai 810 RAI
  • Catching Him  –  Aurora Rose Reynolds 810 REY
  • Say You Still Love Me  –  K.A. Tucker 810 TUC
  • Quarterly Essay 75 Men at Work: Australia’s Parenthood Trap by Annabelle Crabb 306.850994 CRA
  • The Five: The Untold Lives Of The Women Killed By Jack The Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold 364.152320922 RUB
  • Secret: The Making Of Australia’s Security State by Brian Toohey 320.994 TOO
  • Who Owns History?: Elgin’s Look And The Case For Returning Plundered Treasure by Geoffrey Robertson 363.69 ROB
  • The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight For A Human Future At The New Frontier Of Power by Shosana Zubhoff 306.3 ZUB
  • Inner Worlds Outer Spaces: The Working Lives Of Others by Ceridwen Dovey 303.4840922 DOV
  • Talking To Strangers: What We Should Know About The People We Don’t Know by Malcolm Gladwell 302 GLA
  • This Is Life: Why Mortality Makes Us Free by Martin Hagglund 142.78 HAG
  • The Song Remains The Same: 800 Years Of Love Songs, Laments And Lullabies by Andrew Ford 782.42 FOR
  • No Worries: A Guide To Managing Anxiety And Worry Using CBT by Sarah Edelman 616.8522 EDE
  • The Uninhabitable Earth: The Story Of The Future by David Wallace-Wells 363.73874 WAL
  • Fentanyl, Inc.:How Rogue Chemists Are Creating The Deadliest Wave Of The Opioid Epidemic by Ben Westhoff 362.293 WES
  • A Better Death: Conversations About The Art Of Living And Dying Well by Ranjana Srivastava 306.9 SRI
  • The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do And How To Change by Charles Duhigg 158.1 DUH
  • Breaking And Mending: A Junior Doctor’s Stories Of Compassion And Burnout Joanna Cannon 616.890092 CAN
  • Restore Refresh Relax: A Companion For Everyday Self-Care by Bethany Patch (Ed.) 613 PAT
  • White Tears, Brown Scars by Ruby Hamad 305.42 HAM
  • Finding The Heart Of The Nation: The Journey Of The Uluru Statement Towards Voice, Treaty And Truth by Thomas Mayor 320.51 MAY
  • Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias In A World Designed For Men by Caroline Criado Perez 305.420721 PER
  • Because Internet: Understanding How Language Is Changing by 302.231 MACC
  • The Saturday Portraits by Maxine Beneba Clarke 070.44 CLA
  • Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story Of Genius, Betrayal And Redemption by Ben Mezrich 332.4 MEZ
  • The Vegan Travel Handbook: An Inspiring And Practical Guide To Vegan-Friendly Travel by Nick Mee (Ed.) 910.202 MEE
  • How To Have Feminist Sex: A Fairly Graphic Guide by Flo Perry 613.96082 PER
  • Calm: The Magic Of Sleep by Michael Acton Smith 613.794 SMI
  • Healthy As F*ck: The 7 Essential Habits You Need To Get Lean, Stay Healthy And Generally Kick Arse At Life by Oonagh Duncan 613.7019 DUN
  • Sunburnt Country: The History And Future Of Climate Change In Australia by Joelle Gergis 363.73874 GER
  • The Seven Necessary Sins For Women And Girls by Mona Eltahawy 305.42 ELT
  • Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets And Advice For Living Your Best Life by Ali Wong 792.76028092 WON

TW// Transphobia, Mental Illness

The University of Melbourne Student Union would like to express its disappointment in the University of Melbourne for its part in hosting another transphobic event on campus this semester.

UMSU has made the decision not to repeat the name of this event as to not platform it and its explicit transphobia. This event, however, is another of a series of anti-trans events hosted at the University of Melbourne that delegitimise trans identities and make our campus unsafe for all trans and gender diverse students on the University of Melbourne.

This year, the University of Melbourne introduced a freedom of speech policy that outlined freedom for those to espouse different views to create diverse discourse on campus. However, in the words of the Vice Chancellor to The Age:

“The university does not support the exercise of freedom of speech when the exercise undermines the capacity of individuals to participate fully in the university, or jeopardises the physical safety of individuals, or unreasonably disrupts activities or operations of the university.”

in UMSU’s view, this event jeopardises the capacity of people to participate in university and the safety of students.

Gender identity is not a choice. Gender identity is not a mental illness or something that can be cured. Transphobic rhetoric on campus is harmful and should be actively confronted. Student safety and inclusion, especially of our trans comrades, is the responsibility of all at in the university community.

It is even more concerning that this event is being hosted in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies. This is not the first time this year SHAPS and its staff platform transphobia. Earlier in the year, a SHAPS lecturer coordinated a panel fearmongering about the threats of trans people to women and feminism as the “end of sex-based rights”. It now appears that SHAPS has taken a role itself in platforming hatred and pathology.

UMSU calls on the university to publically condemn this event and publically reassure the university community that our campus is inclusive of all trans and gender diverse students

UMSU calls on SHAPS to publically reaffirm its commitment to fighting transphobia in the academy and its own events

UMSU encourages all students to attend an action organised by our Queer Department against this event. It will be held 4-5pm, Professors Walk in front of Arts West.

The University of Melbourne should be a place of rigorous discourse and world leading academic thought. This should not be at the expense of the safety and inclusion of an entire group of students.

Molly Willmott

UMSU President

Andie Moore

UMSU Queer Officer


  • Inland – Tea Obreht 810 OBR
  • A Single Thread – Tracy Chevalier 820 CHE
  • The Nickel Boys – 810 WHI
  • Fleishman is in Trouble – Colson Whitehead 810 FLE
  • The Truants – Kate Weinberg 820 WEI
  • The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupery 840 SAI
  • Tidelands – Philippa Gregory 820 GRE
  • With the Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo 810 ACE
  • Leviathan – Paul Auster 810 AUS
  • Notes from the Underground – Fyodor Dostoyevsky 891.7 DOS
  • East of Eden – John Steinbeck 810 STE
  • The Testaments – Margaret Atwood 810 ATW
  • Labyrinths – Jorge Luis Borges 868 BOR
  • Pnin – Vladimir Nabokov 810 NAB
  • Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand 810 RAN
  • The Solitaire Mystery – Jostein Gaarder 839.8 GAA
  • The Pillars – Peter Polites A820 POL
  • Too Much Lip – Melissa Lucashenko A810 LUC
  • The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling – Wai Chim A820 CHI
  • Stone Girl – Eleni Hale A820 HAL
  • Dolores – Lauren Aimee Curtis A820 CUR
  • It Sounded Better in my Head – Nina Kenwood A820 KEN
  • From Here On, Monsters – Elizabeth Bryer A820 BRY
  • Mother of Pearl – Angela Savage A820 SAV