Take part in a free theatre workshop, meet new friends, create your own play and ask us anything at our theatre Q&A 🎭

Here are all of the online theatre events coming up during SummerFest:
🔸 Tues 23 Feb, 11am – 2pm
UMSU Expo Day 1 on Hopin
Join us in the UHT booth at 12:45pm for ‘Let’s Talk Tech’
🔸 Wed 24 Feb, 11am – 12pm
Q&A You Can Ask That – UHT Fundamentals on Zoom
🔸 Thurs 25 Feb, 11am – 2pm
UMSU Expo Day 2 on Hopin
Join us in the UHT booth at 12:45pm for ‘Let’s Talk Performance’
🔸 Friday 26 Feb, 2pm – 5pm
Instant Play Project on Zoom
🔸 Tues 2 Mar, 1:15pm-2pm
Theatre Summer Fun on Zoom
🔸 Wed 3 Mar, 12pm-2pm
Clubs Expo Day 1 on Hopin
🔸 Thurs 4 Mar, 12pm-2pm
UMSU Clubs Expo Day 2 on Hopin
🔸 Thurs 4 Mar, 5pm-7pm
Arty Party! on Zoom

Whether you are brand new or you’ve done student theatre before, swing by and say hello at the UMSU & Clubs Expos where you can chat with the UHT staff, Creative Arts Officers and the following Student Theatre Groups:
🔹 Fake Newspaper Theatre
🔹 Flare Dance Ensemble
🔹 Med Moves
🔹 Melbourne Uni Law Revue
🔹 Mudcrabs – Melb Uni Comedy Revue Board
🔹 UMMTA – Uni Melb Music Theatre Assoc.
We look forward to seeing you all at SummerFest ⛱️🦩☀️

n.b Nominations have now closed. Stay tuned for the Awards Announcement soon

We love the Union House Theatre end of year award celebrations – they are a time to acknowledge the hard work you all contribute to making our community so great. Sadly, there won’t be a live ceremony this year but the good news is that we will still go ahead with an award program, albeit a little different than before.

This year everything is by self or peer nomination. Winners will be announced on our social media after Semester.

We encourage you to back yourself and throw your hat in the ring, or acknowledge someone else for the great work they’ve done this year. Or both!

Eligibility: All nominees must be (or have been) a current Uni Melb student during 2020.
Awards are for extra-curricular creative activity only – i.e. not related to your studies.

Nominations Close: Wednesday 28 Oct at Midday (Week 12)

Proudly supported by the University of Melbourne Theatre Board

Awards Categories

Emerging Artist 

Have you emerged from under the lockdown doona to discover you LOVE art? Have you made some cool things and thought – actually I’m kinda good at this! For those new to theatre/art/creativity, this award is for you or someone you know.  

Access & Inclusion

For your (or someone you know) amazing pursuit and great achievements in making performance accessible and for capturing all voices, bodies, stories, backgrounds, approaches. Art is for everyone, and you are a boss at it. 

Community Engagement

Have you (or someone you know) gone above and beyond to keep your arts community together, creative and engaged during this lockdown period? Maybe you sent creative care packages, held singalongs, welcomed new members or gained a whole new following on Instagram!

Experimentation in Digital Performance

Can you (or someone you know) use Zoom, Facebook, YouTube or Insta like it’s going out of fashion?… So 2020! 

Have you learnt some amazing new art tech skills or created some extraordinary work for online platforms? Then this award is for you.

Student Theatre Group award

An award for the student theatre groups out there, who have worked together throughout lockdown, to create amazing new performances, new works, art and other creative expressions.


This award is for an ensemble or collective of artists, who have discovered the power of communal creativity and shared practice, and are working as a team and performing together.  

Skills Development 

What a year for developing new skills! Whatever the skill; artistry, creative or technical – however you (or someone you know) developed it – let us know. 

Production / Technical

Have you (or someone you know) made an outstanding costume, created a rocking soundscape, managed a zoom performance or had great lighting in your video/film/content?

New Writing

Are you (or someone you know) a new playwright, a new poet or an original songwriter or librettist? Have you created new ideas, new words, any genre. This award is all about new words! 

So…not Shakespeare. 

Nominate Now


UHT’s Stage Carpenter/Mechanist Allen Laverty talks through the different types of spackle and putty and how to use them.


UHT’s Head Technician Clynton Jones talks through different types of theatre lighting, focussing on Floods & Cans.



UHT’s Stage Carpenter/Mechanist Allen Laverty talks through how to build a theatre Flat.


UHT’s Head Technician Clynton Jones talks through what a profile/spotlight is and how they work.

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We know that you are all keen to get back in the theatres so here is an update on everything we know at the moment.

As Federal and State Government public health restrictions ease, UHT and affiliated student theatre groups will be guided by how the University of Melbourne approaches changes to public health measures.

In anticipation of ongoing relaxation of physical distancing requirements the University has published a plan that will govern the resumption of on campus activity. This plan is necessarily uncertain as key factors such as dates and gathering sizes will be subject to government decisions.

What we do know is:

  • There will be no on campus events or gatherings prior to August 2 (noting that this is an indicative date).
  • Venue and room bookings are not open for student theatre groups at this time.
  • While it is possible that campus events may be able to resume after August 2 the nature and size of these events is unknown.
  • Events will be required to comply with relevant physical distancing and infection control measures.
  • Mid-year orientation will be online, and we will provide details in the coming weeks.

Are you passionate about access and inclusion in theatre?

Union House Theatre are looking for two students to volunteer to work alongside an industry expert to support the development of resources for our community.

Students with lived experience of disability are strongly encouraged to apply. Knowledge of theatre or broader creative arts is useful (but not essential).

If you are interested, send an email to artistic@union.unimelb.edu.au with the subject line ‘Access Resources Project’, telling us a bit about you and why you’d like to be involved.

Expressions of Interest in this project close Tuesday 16th June.

UHT’s Head Technician Clynton Jones talks us through how to survive and thrive during a plotting session.

UHT’s Stage Carpenter/Mechanist Allen Laverty talks us through the components of a cordless drill and shows us how to drive a screw correctly.