Club receives generous inheritance

Words by Zoe Efron

Students for Christ, an UMSU-affiliated student society, has inherited $23,744 from a recently deceased community volunteer, Alan Cock. He had been a long time member of the University of Melbourne’s Christian community and advocate for prayer spaces on campus. The society is yet to decide what to do with its newfound wealth.

Students for Christ Vice-President Jonathan Vuong described the news as “such a shock,” saying he felt, “overwhelmed, very surprised, and shocked.” When asked about the society’s plans to spend the money, he stated, “I don’t really know yet, but I’ll discuss it with the rest of the committee.” He described the society’s financial position before this as “relatively stable.”

Cock was an active member of the Christian student community on campus in the 1990s, but his involvement has waned in recent years. Vuong stated that before this incident he “had never heard of this person.”

However other members of his committee have described Cock as a man who, “did a lot of stuff on campus supporting clubs like us Christian Union.”

Vuong expressed his thanks to the family for supporting Christian clubs on campus.