ALP Club

The Melbourne University ALP Club is one of the oldest and most vibrant clubs on campus. Our membership is varied, with members coming from all faculties, both undergraduate and graduate. Getting involved with the ALP Club provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded students who are interested in left-wing and progressive politics. The things that link us together are our commitment to progressive causes, discussing and debating progressive issues and taking action to improve our society and effect social change.

Throughout the year we run various social and political events. Our meetings involve discussion of current affairs, film screenings, lunches and debates within the club and with others, as well as inviting outside speakers to address members on issues of interest, including prominent members of the Labor Party. Many current and former members of the ALP spent their university years as members of the ALP Club.

Club Aims:

  1. To promote democratic socialism to students on campus and to encourage them to support such a program where applicable on campus and in the wider community.
  2. To promote the Australian Labor Party to students on campus and encourage them to support it on campus and elsewhere.
  3. To organise a wide range of political and social functions and campaigns to achieve the two aforementioned aims.

ALP Club
Mailbox 24
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

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