Arabic Language Society

Are you interested in the Arabic language? Then we are the right club for you!

The Arabic Language Society (ArLS) was established to be the port of call for everyone interested in Arabic, whether you’re a beginner learner, native speaker, or anything in between! We’ll be hosting speaking practice, calligraphy events, lecture evenings, fun social events for Arabic lovers to chat and mingle, and much more!

Our members come from a range of cultural backgrounds, ages, and Arabic proficiency levels – in short, everyone is welcome to become members of the ArLS family!

Club Aims:

  1. To create a safe and supportive space in which practicing Arabic is encouraged in a non-formal and judgment-free environment
  2. To provide exposure and interaction for those who are unfamiliar with the language, thus encouraging a more diverse and understanding community
  3. To supply expert help and support to those taking the language as part of their studies
  4. To educate the student body about the significance of the language and its impact on the modern social, religious, cultural and political landscape
  5. To be the first point of contact for students wishing to enquire about or study Arabic on campus, regardless of prior language experience.

Arabic Language Society
Mailbox 121, 1st floor, Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010

You can also sign up through our online club membership form.

Instagram: Arabic Language Society Unimelb or @ArabicLSociety