Arts Students Society (M-ASS)

M-ASS is the largest faculty club on campus and there’s a reason for it. Membership is a must-do for the greatest university experience!
We’re a social and educational club welcoming over 2000 members from all faculties, in particular those studying the BA. M-ASS connects you with other students through regular BBQs, social events and parties, and supports you with educational and welfare events, to help you make the most of your university experience.
We bring you everything from Arts Camp, Paint ’n’ Glow, Arts Ball, Arts Cruise and bar nights, to trivia, sports, writing competition, careers seminars, industry nights and a safe place for anyone and everybody. We’re here to make your university experience as enjoyable as possible.
Want to become a member for 2019? It’s easy! Just fill out our membership form below, or come see us in the Common Room (G06 Arts West). It’s just $4 for free food, access to events, as well as cheaper prices to all of our incredible events.

Club Aims:

  1. To facilitate greater interaction amongst students in the Faculty of Arts (in particular, amongst first year students)
  2. To provide students in the Faculty of Arts with additional resources for academic and/or graduate employment needs.
  3. To enhance communication and consultation between the Faculty of Arts and its students.

Find out more on Facebook (, at or on Instagram (@m.ass) and Snapchat (m-asschat). You can also sign up through our online club membership form.

Arts Students Society (M-ASS)
Faculty of Arts
University of Melbourne VIC 3010