ASEAN Students of Melbourne University

ASEAN Students of Melbourne University (ASMU) is a student-led organisation that aims to provide a platform for cross-cultural collaboration between students from the ASEAN member states. ASMU is affiliated with the ASEAN Youth Organisation of Australia (AYO), a non-profit social movement dedicated to empowering youth in Australia to be the leaders of change in ASEAN. ASMU also organises and participates in events such as the Australia-ASEAN Youth Summit, ASEAN Games Australia, the ASEAN Leadership Initiative and more.

Club Aims

  1. To serve as an avenue and platform for the youths for free exchange of information and ideas on matters of interest within and outside ASEAN.
  2. To promote awareness and interest towards the establishment of ASEAN community and its three respective pillars.
  3. To foster long-lasting friendship and understanding between ASEAN and non-ASEAN members.
  4. To empower the youths by organising and conducting projects that improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that would result in positive change in their respective communities.
  5. To educate ASEAN students on the importance of unity in the ASEAN region.
  6. To spread and introduce the rich cultures of ASEAN to the youths.

ASEAN Students of Melbourne University
Mailbox 107, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010

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