Astronomical Society

The Melbourne University Astronomical Society (MUAS) is your gateway to all things stellar! We organise events where members can look through telescopes at the wonders above, both on campus and during camping events. Ever wanted to know more about black holes, worm holes, dark matter or supernovae? Perhaps you’d just like to discuss ideas and events with fellow members? We organise frequent BBQs and lunches. We also organise guest lectures for members that cover both the technical and philosophical side of space.

Jump on board with us today! You’ll be kept abreast of all astronomical phenomenon and events.

Club Aims:

  1. To enhance members knowledge and understanding of objects and phenomena in the observable universe.
  2. To promote basic knowledge of the scale and structure of the universe to all university students.
  3. To organise meetings where members can view the night sky using telescopes.
  4. To facilitate discussion about ongoing astronomical and scientific discoveries and their implications for currently accepted theories of the universe.
  5. To make meaningful contributions to the field of Astronomy.

Astronomical Society
Mailbox 121
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne, 3010

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