Australian Wall Street

Australian Wall Street is a student society who aims to provide valuable resources and networking opportunities for international students in the University of Melbourne who would like to pursue a career in the business field. Through various trainings and activities, we hope to help international students to increase their employability and develop useful skills, and thus have a smooth transition from university to the real industry.

Club Aims

  1. To aid international students in bridging the gap through their transition from an academic setting to a professional environment.
  2. To help students develop technical and soft skills that will improve employability.
  3. To provide constructive advice and practical assistance to students in terms of career planning, job application and so on.
  4. To encourage and facilitate social interactions (networking) between international students and our large network of local professionals.
  5. To support students who are not studying commerce in pursuing careers in the business field.
  6. To promote internal referral job opportunities within the APAC region.

Australian Wall Street
Mailbox 19, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010


You can also sign up through our online club membership form.