Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Welcome to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition!

We’re a national organisation of over 100 000 people who believe that the only way to solve the climate crisis is through a social movement – a groundswell of support and momentum that is powerful enough to inspire the change we need and hold decision-makers to account. This will require thousands of people committed to changing hearts and minds and willing to take deep action.

At AYCC Unimelb we meet weekly on Thursdays at 2:15 pm in the Raymond Priestly Room (room 232), Union House, to organise effective campaigns, take direct action and to discuss how to create the short-term political and long-term cultural change needed to solve the climate crisis.

Come along and join a growing movement of young people demanding climate action. Best of all you get to enjoy a FREE LUNCH every week!

Club Aims:

  1. To inform and educate students about climate change science and politics.
  2. To empower students to take action on climate change.
  3. To raise awareness and profile of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition at Melbourne Uni.
  4. To allow students to develop students to develop transferable skills in campaigning, media, public speaking and teamwork.
  5. To recruit volunteers for the AYCC.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Mailbox 95
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010