Biochemistry Club

The Biochemistry Club (MUBC) is a place for all those majoring in the field, taking any related subject and anyone who has an interest for it! We host events like Graduate information meetings, group study sessions, career information, lunches, BBQs and much more. This club is open and accepting of all; from those who are super passionate about biochemistry to those who have no idea about the future whatsoever (don’t worry, neither do we).

Club Aims:

  1. To create a supportive network for students interested in all subjects pertaining to biochemistry
  2. To facilitate communication between faculty and students
  3. To provide insight into future opportunities concerning potential career paths and post-graduate options
  4. To provide guidance and direction to all year students
  5. To present a positive and fun approach to biochemistry and the University of Melbourne
  6. To provide a space for students to give and receive academic aid

For more information, head on over to our Facebook page

Biochemistry Club
c/- C&S Office, Ground floor, Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010


You can also sign up through our online club membership form.