Brewing and Fermenting Club

Melbourne University’s very own Brewing and Fermenting Club, the only club on campus fulfilling all your fermentation and brewing urges. From yoghurt to beer, the world of fermentation is all around us, waiting to be explored! And the Brewing and Fermenting Club is where you can get started. All types of enthusiasts and fanatics are welcome to join and push their interests to the next level! If you’ve never done any Brewing or Fermentation before, come along to our next event to make friends and ferment your new greatest hobby!

Club Aims

  1. To learn about the safe production of brewed/fermented food and drink.
  2. To learn about different types of fermented/brewed food and drinks from cultures around the world.
  3. To have events that showcase these foods/drinks, such as brewery tours and classes.
  4. To promote local and national fermentation and brewing industries.
  5. To encourage the active and ongoing participation of brewing/fermentation subjects.
  6. To provide an environment for people to network who are interested in working in that industry.

Brewing and Fermenting Club
Mailbox 113, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010