A commerce-centric society with the aim of bridging the gap between academic and professional practice.

Research & Publications:

Our weekly publication “CAINZ Digest” and weekly Market Reviews help members develop their skills in writing, research, analytical and critical thinking. All whilst extending and bolstering their classroom theory.

Workshops & Seminars:

We also organise workshops and seminars with industry representatives and academics that focus on enhancing technical skills, industry knowledge, and career skills.

Networking Functions:

Unique networking opportunities exist in a personable environment,often with a low student to industry representative ratio to allow greater exposure and lengthier discussions for members.

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Club Aims:

  1. To create leaders of financial thought.
  2. To improve financial and economic analytical skills, to enhance critical thinking of current affairs; through recurring research sessions (CAINZ Digest) and workshops on a weekly basis.
  3. To acquire software and platform specific skills (use of financial data tools) to improve research and presentation capabilities for professional development.
  4. To foster a community of talented and supportive members; to broker an environment of growth in financial thought for all.

131 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne
Carlton 3053


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