Cantonese Christian Fellowship

CCF is a Christian group established in 1997 to cater for the needs of Cantonese speaking students, both Christians and non-Christians.

Who is welcomed to join?

As long as you can communicate in Cantonese, whether or not you are a Christian, then we welcome you! In fact, we have members from HK, Canton, Singapore and of course non-international students from Melbourne.

What do we do?

We have bible studies, hymns sharing, prayer meetings, aiming to learn more about God and Christianity. But we also have socializing activities like dinner-ing, movie-ing and birthday parties etc.

When/Where do we meet?

Every Friday 5:30-7pm
2nd Floor, Union House, Melbourne Uni (Parkville Campus)
Look for our banner!

So……whether or not you decide to join us, feel free to send us an email to discuss anything that concerns you.

Club Aims:

  1. To care about Cantonese-speaking students in the University of Melbourne with God’s love, for their problems in adapting to new country, language and culture.
  2. To enable fellowship among Cantonese-speaking Christians from different regional churches, with the same dialect and culture.
  3. To share the gospel with Cantonese-speaking students in the University of Melbourne.
  4. To provide fellowship and guidance to Cantonese-speaking new Christians.

Cantonese Christian Fellowship
Mailbox 17
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

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You can also sign up through our online club membership form.