Christian Union

Christian Union is an interdenominational Christian club, dedicated to making Jesus known on campus. We exist for both Christians who want to grow in their faith, as well as for those who aren’t Christians but are interested in Christianity and want to explore the meaning of life and ask questions. At Christian Union, we believe that Jesus is the Good News – through trusting in him we are able to have a relationship with God, forgiveness for our sins and the promise of eternal life.

Each week, CU holds public meetings each Monday evening and Tuesday afternoons where we meet as a large group. There, we listen to and discuss a bible-based talk, and share some food together. We also run weekly small bible study groups, prayer groups and many social events. Each year we run camps at the start of the year and in the middle of the year. Jump onto our Facebook page for all the details of all our events throughout the year and feel free to hit us up
with any questions you may have! We would love to hear from you and get to meet you!!

Club Aims:

The overall concern of the MUCU shall be to glorify God by encouraging members, under the enablement of the Holy Spirit and in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, to demonstrate Christian love. Therefore the objectives shall be:

    1. To bear witness in the university to the Lord Jesus Christ and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him as Saviour and Lord.
    2. To deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of members and others by prayer and the study of the Bible.
    3. To encourage Christian students to explore and to demonstrate to the university the relevance of the Christian faith to every area of private life and public concern.
    4. To stimulate an informed and active interest in the work of God’s people throughout the world, and to challenge all members to consider the implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for their vocations.
    5. To uphold the fundamental truths of the Christian faith as contained in the Bible.

Christian Union
Mailbox 62
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


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