Construction Students Association

The Construction Students Association [CSA] is a platform for students undertaking a construction related degree to connect with other construction students and industry.
CSA aims to organise a range of social and professional engagement events to encourage interaction and networking opportunities amongst students and employers within the construction industry.
We strive to support the professional development of all our members and raise the profile of our students within the construction industry at large.

Club Aims:

  1. To meet, support and network with other students and employers within the Construction industry.
  2. To promote and share construction knowledge in practical, technical and ethical matters related to construction.
  3. To assist and encourage professional development of members through strong industry links.
  4. To raise the profile of construction students and the construction industry within the university.
  5. To promote opportunities for volunteering and other practical experiences in construction.

Construction Students Association
C/O Melbourne School of Design
University of Melbourne, 3010

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