Debating Society

Established in 1876, the Melbourne University Debating Society, affectionately known as ‘MUDS’, is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful debating institutions, working to promote and encourage debating in all its forms. The society is the oldest student organisation in Victoria, pre-dating even the university’s Student Union.

MUDS organises internal competitions for our members over the course of the year, providing opportunities for debaters of all skill levels in a number of different debating styles. The society aims to assist members in improving both their debating skills and their general knowledge through providing regular training sessions which offer a valuable opportunity to gain experience in debating and public speaking, as well as the chance to improve knowledge of topical issues.

In addition, MUDS regularly conducts and competes at tournaments on both a national and international level, hosts an annual public debating, provides opportunities in debating coaching and schools training and of course hosts raucous social events frequently.

The society holds regular meetings every Tuesday of semester at 5:30pm in the Melbourne Law School.

Club Aims:

  1. The main purpose of the Society is the encouragement of competitive debating.
  2. The additional aims of the Society are:
    (a) To foster intellectual discussion and the art of debate, within the Society and the University.
    (b) To provide resources, training and access to competition for all members, in order to develop the skills of debating and public speaking.
    (c) To promote access to high level debate, and participation in intervarsity tournaments.
    (d) To provide a social community amongst members of the Society.
    (e) To facilitate debate as ameans of knowledge transfer between the University and broader society.

Debating Society
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