Chinese Calligraphy Club

The Chinese Calligraphy Club (CCC) aims to provide a platform for the university students to explore interests in Chinese calligraphy, while also promote the culture of Chinese traditional art. By offering constant calligraphy tutorials, students are welcomed to have a special journey of learning Chinese calligraphy in our club. In some special Chinese traditional festivals, we also intend to provide calligraphy lovers the opportunity to engage in our traditional calligraphy-related events. We welcome students from all nations to share interests in writing Chinese calligraphy, thus, students are given the chance to experience the charm of multicultural while learning the traditional Chinese art.

Club Aims:

  1. To unite any Chinese background students through practicing Chinese traditional art, hence evoke their passion about the arts of their homeland.
  2. To strengthen Chinese students’ understanding of calligraphy culture through constant tutorials and calligraphy work appreciation.
  3. To introduce entertaining activities of writing calligraphy as well as its background, hence enable non-Chinese background students to integrate into Chinese traditional convention.
  4. To broadcast the long-standing influence of Chinese arts by holding multiple calligraphy activities and contests during traditional Chinese festivals.

Chinese Calligraphy Club
Mailbox 128
Level 1, Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010

Email: ccc.unimelb714[@]