Embrace Education

Embrace Education is a non-profit, university student-run organisation that offers free educational support to disadvantaged high school students in Melbourne, Victoria. Our main focus is on providing students from refugee, recent migrant and low socioeconomic backgrounds with free tutoring. We also provide textbooks, calculators, stationery and other items to students in need.  We believe that education is essential to breaking the cycle of disadvantage and that every person is entitled to a quality education regardless of their background!

Club Aims:

  1. To provide free tutoring and mentoring to disadvantaged high-school students across Melbourne, particularly those from a refugee or non-English speaking background.
  2. To empower disadvantaged high-school students by providing them with the chance to learn and receive guidance from university students.
  3. To foster cross-cultural engagement and bridging of cultural and social barriers, including promoting and raising awareness of the issues affecting disadvantaged students in Melbourne.
  4. To provide disadvantaged high-school students with material aid, including textbooks, computers, stationery and other items to assist their education.
  5. To provide services that are safe for both our clients and volunteers.
  6. To liaise and work with organisations and schools who share our vision, in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients.
  7. To provide volunteers with:
    1. a practical means of contributing to the community by:
      • offering free tutoring and mentoring to local high school students;
      • putting knowledge and skills gained at school or University to immediate use by passing them on to high school students;
      • the chance to use their own recent high school experience to offer guidance to students going through VCE; and
      • the opportunity to interact with and teach students from a range of diverse backgrounds, and thereby revise their own knowledge, broaden their University experience, acquire personal and cross-cultural skills and enhance their cultural and/or social awareness.
    2. inspiration for their own studies by:
      • reinforcing their appreciation for the opportunities provided by studying at University; and
      • contributing to the education of others.
  • the opportunity to develop sought-after attributes such as confidence, communication, responsibility and leadership by:
    • acting as a role model for high-school students; and
    • contributing to the running of the organisation.

Embrace Education
Mailbox 89, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010


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