Enactus provides the perfect platform to realise student innovation. Through our extensive support network with experts from academia and industry, anyone with an idea and a passion for social change is able to build a project that fosters real, tangible social impact.

Enactus holds a diverse set of events designed to help train and develop our students to better run projects. These events have a wider focus of increasing student awareness of social entrepreneurship and empowering them to get involved and make a difference.

Our students work on delivering real social change to communities around the globe. Through entrepreneurial innovation and a passion to make a difference, we work to develop sustainable business models which empower those in need.

Club Aims

  1. To empower students from all faculties to be able to build their own businesses and enact social change through Micro Social Enterprises (MSEs) that allow a hands on learning experience, complemented by a speaker series and start-up workshops
  2. To build 10 successful MSEs by the end of each year led by club representatives in alignment with the UN17 developmental goals
  3. To win the Enactus Australia National Competition and a trip to the Enactus World Cup, through the showcasing of our members’ MSE impact
  4. To create an ecosystem of creative and proactive students, where students will feel confident to share and build upon each other’s social enterprise ideas by activating an entrepreneurial mindset
  5. To continue to build upon the internal strength of the organisation to ensure effective facilitation and leadership of student led projects at a local, national and global scale – showcasing not only the strength of our projects but also representing the skills of the University of Melbourne students on a global scale.
  6. To contribute to the University of Melbourne’s strategic goals by facilitating greater work integrated learning and entrepreneurship opportunities through our projects and programs.

131 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne
Carlton 3053


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