Design and Environments Student Society (DESS)

DESS is here to represent all Bachelor of Design and Environments students from first to third year. You are bound to fall in love with its totally individual events and awesome committee. At DESS we want all students to remember (or not…!) every event that we hold for its individuality, the amazing people that attended and the wicked theme. We run events from a first year O-Week camp, to themed parties, FREE BBQ’s, cocktail nights, as well as many other smaller events. This is a society open to all students of any age, gender, political view, religious view, favourite beverage or most liked pizza topping. So come along to our events, have a blast and be DESS’d.

Club Aims:

  1. To provide academic assistance to all students in the Bachelor of Design & Bachelor of Environments.
  2. To provide a social network for all students in the Bachelor of Design & Bachelor of Environments.
  3. To assist in the transition of first year Bachelor of Design & Bachelor of Environments into University Life.
  4. To liaise/promote information & opportunities from the Design/Environments Faculty to the club’s members.
  5. To promote opportunities provided by the course majors and their associated clubs.
  6. To unite all year levels of MSD Students within their chosen individual majors.

Design & Environments Student Society (DESS)
Environment and Design Student Centre
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

dess .unimelb [@] gmail.com

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