Eurovision Social Club

Do you love the Eurovision Song Contest? Then join the club!

Eurovision may take place in May, but never fear: Eurovision Social Club (ESC) celebrates the Contest all year long. Whether you’ve been a Eurovision fan for decades or months (or simply want to know why Australia is competing), all aboard: this club is for you!


The ESC has a regular calendar of events, including Eurovision screenings, trivia, karaoke bar nights and passionate fan discussions. Join us as we come together and celebrate the diversity of the song contest that has captivated audiences since 1954!

Club Aims:

  1. To promote interest in, and awareness and appreciation of, the Eurovision Song Contest and its associated events to the broader University community.
  2. To facilitate discussion of European histories, societies, languages, and cultures, through the lens of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  3. To organise events that allow people interested in the Eurovision Song Contest to connect in a social environment.
  4. To celebrate the Australian artists (past, present and future) participating in the Eurovision Song Contest with the broader University community.

Eurovision Social Club
Mailbox 134, Level 1 Union house
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010

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